Piaget and the Concrete-Operational Period

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Part 1: Writing a Play

Read the articles assigned for this topic and conduct additional research on the Internet or through the GCU Library. Use your knowledge to write a one-act play about a small group of friends.

Through the dialogue, the children should exhibit evidence of being in the concrete-operational period of cognitive development.

Be as creative in the dialogue of your scene as you can, remembering that at this stage children, according to the textbook, become "less egocentric, rarely confuse appearances with reality, and are able to reverse their thinking."

Set the scene and include acting and stage direction, if necessary and appropriate.

Your creative work should be between 500-750 words.

Give your play a name.

Part 2: Summary

Write a summary of approximately 200 to 300 words in which you analyze and explain ethical and cultural strategies for promoting resilience, optimum development, and wellness in middle childhood.

APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

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Part 1 play
Part 2 summary

Part 1: Writing a play
A visit to an amusement park
This is a short play that attempts to prove Piaget’s theory on concrete operational stage in cognitive
development. For Alice she an eight-year-old girl who has always been fascinated with amusement
parks and his mother is organizing a visit to an amusement park where their neighbor John joins them.
(Smiling) “Do you like amusement parks,” Alice asked? “I’ve never been to one,” said John. (John putting
on a sad face) My mum promised to take me last summer but she was too busy in the office, and we
didn’t go”. (Smiling swiftly) “Mum can John come with us,” asks Alice?” Yes, if John’s parents agree to
permit John.
(Mr. Tom Alice’s father is seen trying to fix a puncture in his Pickup truck, and Alice and John approach
him. Alice and John pitch their idea to Mr. Tom, and they look jovial. Mr. Tom starts to talk about
safety and the need to be careful in everything). Mr. Tom talks to Alice and John and says “eight-yearolds can easily be lost in amusement parks but in case of such a situation kindly ask for help from the
security guards that...

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