Psychology - Identify the behaviors in conflict climate

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Must be original. No Plagiarism. Must have references and references must be cited in the body of the work.

Per my instructor: The work should use "Headlines" such as the following:

Example of......Answer

Identify the behaviors that created this environment: Answer

What behaviors would change this into a nurturing climate?

I do not want to see one long paragraph. There are really three topics. Please consider paragraph structure in your answers.

Assignment #1:

The conflict climate is the psychological atmosphere the individuals perceive. This climate can be harmful or nurturing. 1. Share an example of a situation in which abuse of power, competition, distrust, or defensive behavior created a harmful climate in a conflict situation.  2. Identify the behaviors that created this environment. 3. What behaviors would change this into a nurturing climate? 

Assignment #2: In 250 – 300 words, 1. explain how stress and anger affect the communication in conflict resolution situations?  2. Are stress and anger necessary in conflict resolution, or are they solely impediments to solving problems?  3. What affect have stress and anger played in your professional conflict resolutions experiences? 

Recommended article to be read and used for assignments (or use another article): week three article ProQuestDocuments-2013-12-27.pdf 

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