Equations and Graphs of Linear Relations

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Summarize a strategy that can be used to graph each of the following.

a.   y = mx + b

b) Ax + By + C = 0

c)   y y1 = m(x –x1)

d.  Py + 1 = Qx

e.   A linear relation using technology

2) State the domain and range of y = 6.


Apr 22nd, 2015


first step by using eq. (c) you will find m=  ?   from two points like this (x,y) and *x1, y1)

second step :  put your value of m in (A) equation

third step : you will put on point  (x,y) or (x1,y1) value in (a)

4th step:  you will get your equation in the form of (b)

5th step;  you will rearrange your equation (b)  which look like (d)  


for which function you wants your domain and range

if you put y=6 in any equation it is your domain, the ans you will get is the range.

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Apr 22nd, 2015

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Apr 22nd, 2015
Apr 22nd, 2015
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