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Ecology laboratory projects (150 pts) Projects are individual efforts. You are not allowed to collaborate with anyone or work in a group for your project. You are allowed and encouraged to ask the TA and the instructor for assistance and advice. You will test an ecological research hypothesis. Data should be gathered from the field, or it can be gathered from a previously published dataset if there is a clear, original idea on how to use it. Analyses will be conducted using R. You will write up your project as if for publication using the following format: • Use 12 point Times New Roman font for everything (do not use different sized fonts for headings or titles) • Only the first letter of the first word of a title or heading (or a proper noun) is capitalized • Begin with a title then your name • Double space the body of your text • Include page and line numbers • Include the following sections in the indicated order: o Abstract: a short summary of your paper o Introduction: background information, why your hypotheses are important, how your hypotheses are related, your hypotheses o Materials and Methods: what you did written in paragraph form o Results: what you found o Discussion: interpretation of your results, related your interpretation to your introduction o Acknowledgements: mention everyone you want to thank o References: your literature cited in APA format, only list references cited in your paper o Appendix 1: your raw data o Appendix 2: your R script • Metric units must be used • The text should be in standard American English and standard scientific nomenclature • New terms, abbreviations, and symbols are defined at first occurrence • Do not use informal expressions, terms, or abbreviations • Do not use direct quotes or footnotes • Do not include a title page • All tables and figures must have captions and be referenced in the text • Submit as a single .doc or .docx file Proposal (30 pts) The proposal is your Introduction, Materials and methods, and References. The Materials and methods is Proposed materials and methods where you write out in paragraph form what you plan to do. You do not need an Abstract, Results, Discussion, Acknowledgements, Tables, Figures, or Appendices. The proposal will conform to the above indicated format as closely as possible. Your project must be approved before your proposal will be accepted. Page 1 of 3 Rough draft (40 pts) The rough draft is a complete draft of everything that will be in your final draft. Your rough draft is not your first, second, or third draft. It will conform to the above indicated format and have all the sections specified. The Introduction from your proposal will need to be updated and expanded. The proposed Materials and methods will need to be rewritten as your Materials and methods where you write out what you actually did. Your References will need to be updated to cover the additional references cited in your expanded Introduction and in your Discussion. Final draft (80 pts) The final draft is the final draft of your project paper improved from your rough draft. It will conform to the above indicated format and have all the sections specified. Project grading Grading is least stringent for the proposal, more stringent on the rough draft, and very stringent for the final paper. General content • Meet all the requirements specified on page 1 • Use correct grammar • Correct use of citations • Content is organized • Tables and figures in text (not in their own section at end), numbered, and with accurate descriptions (table=description above, figure=description below). Abstract • Provides an accurate and complete summary of your paper Introduction • Background • Importance of research • State hypotheses Materials and methods • Description of experimental design o If downloaded data: indicate the database used, provide a description, and cite it o If designed own experiment or sampling protocol: describe study site and equipment • Describe variables, experimental units, and replication • Describe statistical methods used • List and cite R as your statistical software including version number and any packages used. (Use report::report(sessionInfo()) to get the in-text and reference citations. You may need to modify the citations to APA format) Results • Descriptive statistics of data • Summary of each statistical test performed – prose and figures • Do not interpret your results Discussion • Interpret your results & why are the results important • Relate your findings back to your introduction • Limitations of your study Page 2 of 3 • Identification of new research questions Acknowledgments • Present and correct References • Only list literature cited in the paper. • Use APA format. • Remember R and R packages should be cited and indicated here. (Use report::report(sessionInfo()) to get the in-text and reference citations. You may need to modify the citations to APA format). Appendix 1 • Present and correct • Standalone description provided Appendix 2 • Present and correct Guide to design your project and be prepared for project meeting 1. You will need to address two related research questions. Fill out the Scientific Investigation Report Sheet (on CANVAS) for each research question and answer the question below. How are your research questions linked/related? Page 3 of 3
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Evaluating Seed Abundance of Palm and Trees species occupying Kamera Island

Evaluating Seed Abundance of Palm and Trees species occupying Kamera Island



Evaluating Seed Abundance of Palm and Trees Species Occupying Kamera Island
The project investigates the variation of factors such as seed abundance of fruit-bearing trees and
indicators of their productivity throughout the Island of Kamera. This island was picked because
it befits the natur...

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