Shared Service that Provides IDEAL satisfaction

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Physical Evidence Website Social media Print Customer Action Learn about service Registration Confirmation Fill out online form Price Estimate Get Quote Send online or via hard drive in mail Payment Send online or via hard drive Email Notificatoin Send Data to be processed Receive confirmation Line of Interaction Front of Stage Interactions App, social media, print Customer Receives specific and custom information Selection of payment terms Send data to be processed along with requirements for processing via online methods or hard drive in mail Selec de me Line of Visibility Back of Stage Interactions Link social media to each other, update, app and networking Complex algorithms determine cost of processing Factor in current demand, size of files, complexity in completion, and when finished results are needed Flexible payment terms Safe, secure transaction methods Prepare download l hard drive to be ma Break up data set into small chunks and distribute to users to “crowdsource” the power needed Line of Internal Interactional Support Process - Nick Create a proper marketing scheme Create Automated Software to factor in complex details and generate an accurate estimate Partner with or get registered by a trusted group to handle transactions g Complex coding will be the backbone that makes the breaking down and recompiling of data possible Su So En Supply/Demand Script Customer 1 (holding papers) – Wow! This is a lot of files to process! It would take me months to get it all done but I need it much sooner! I could take it somewhere for help, but that would be really expensive, and I have to trust them with a lot of sensitive data… All41 rep – Hi there! We at All41 have an alternative! We can do it faster, cheaper, and safer than those giant conglomerates! Customer 1 – That’s great! But how? All41 rep – Let me show you! While the big guys have giant teams of people and computers to help, they charge a lot for that power and sometimes its hard to get personalized service, but at All41 we’ve taken a “shared service economy” approach and use peoples computers from all over the world to make big jobs smaller! Customer 1 – But I’m still confused… All41 rep – Well to handle jobs like these, we can either use big and powerful machines which are expensive, OR, we can use a lot of smaller ones! All41 rep – (takes 1 paper) – (rips it up into a bunch of pieces) All 41 rep – I’ll need some volunteers! Please write your name on these! All41 rep – (hands 1 to 4 pieces of paper to each person) - (people write on papers and hand them back) All41 rep – (grabs papers) see how fast that was? If either of us had to write a bunch of names ourselves it would be a lot slower Customer 1 – and tiring! All41 rep – that’s basically how we do business! The best part is, anyone with a decent computer and a high speed internet connection – whether or not they purchase our help with jobs, can earn money with us for doing nothing! Volunteer 1 – Nothing? But how? All41 rep – well, simply download our app on your computer or computers, sign up, and turn on the app when not using your computer! The more computers you use and the faster they are the more potential you will all have to earn! - Nick Lyft Provider Demand -Payment/Opportunities to earn -Be able to use existing car -flexible hours/ able to work when able to -Safety -Incentives -Ability to rent car from Lyft Supply -Take a percentage of payment and guarantees rates -Simple examination process -Ability to turn App on and off whenever and set “last ride” -GPS tracking -“hotspots” and Driver Bonuses Consumer Demand -Safety -Transportation -Comfort -Timely -Convenient -Good Prices Supply -Background Checks, GPS Tracking, Great Customer Service/Response Time -Linked with GPS for shortest route -Minimum vehicle requirements -Estimated times -Live maps -Estimates, and Regular cheap rates/promotions Taxi Service Provider Demand -Payment -Use any car -Safety Supply - -Flexible hours - Company takes a high percentage cut Company forces specific cars Piece of plexiglass between driver and passenger Drivers on schedules/shifts Consumer Demand -Safety -Transportation -Comfort -Timely -Convenient -Good Prices - Tiffany Supply -Not safe, no ratings, no way to get info before entering car -Drivers sometimes takes longer routes -old cars, not comfortable, no standards -No estimates, no guarantees -Have to call or hail, very long wait -Expensive Consumer / Customer • • • • • • Safer o Application can be re downloaded in other devices. o Norton Anti-Virus approved for safety concerns. Why choose us? o Trying to help anyone make extra money using our application. o Calculating any data or statistics needed by our consumers Sharing profit – everyone that works with us will get a profit or certain percentage depending on how fast ones’ internet and computer is. o Anyone that has a computer can make money off the app by leaving your computer on when it is not being used. How to cash it out? o By requesting your earned points, turning them into money and send it to ones’ Bank Account. o The more hours you keep it working more money you collect. Advertising o Social Medias – FB, IG, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, ETC. o Friends and Family o Local businesses o Personal visits to big companies to present our new service. o Brochure of company ▪ Including all information regarding who, what, where, when, why. ▪ Contact information o Website ▪ Similar to brochure with video demonstrations ▪ Link to Application ▪ Personal Experiences from customers already engaged. ▪ Link for registration Contact information / Customer service o Customer support / Complaints ▪ Email ▪ Chat ▪ Telephone ▪ Mail Supplier / Company / App • Competing market prices. o Lower prices than amazon, google, apple, etc. at the maximum rate of 50%. o Any company can reach us anywhere and anytime. • Work with Charities – files given and our company can evaluate statistical problems within the charity for free even though the person working, will be compensated. o Working with charities can help us with the company taxes. • Safer o If a natural disaster happened it’s not only located in one specific location, it is in various locations. ▪ Laptops & computer ▪ Around the world – can be found anywhere. • Faster o We have an extensive large various amount of server capacity. o Shorter time than other big companies, problems will be fixed at half the speed rate. o The more the users, the faster the process will be done to calculate data/statistics that are needed for the consumer/costumer. o Faster organization of data. - Roman . Good rating . Good service .speed “on schedule, no delay” .Competitively priced Create a circle of trust Respect privacy Reliability orientation Relationships orientation Customized solutions orientation - Mshari Сорос CUCUNPuppiCULIUNT JHUTN15 LCUNUITY AllaTy Sis lasks. Action Items for Organizing, Exploring, Preparing, Completing Each group organizes members into two (2) demand and two (2) supply functions. The demand functions focus on Service Economy consumer ("sharee") needs, wants, expectations. The supply functions focus on Service Economy provider ("sharer") abilities, offerings, resources. After organizing, all group members explore the course website links, search online content and exchange personal experiences to learn about Sharing Economy Services. Next, the two (2) demand members prepare by studying text chapter concepts addressing Service Customer Demand factors for Scripts/Roles (Ch. 4 & 10) and Satisfaction/Loyalty (Ch. 11 & 14). Likewise, the two (2) supply members prepare by studying text chapter concepts addressing Service Supply factors for Scripts/Roles in “Blueprinting” and “Servicescapes” (Ch. 5 & 8), as well as Service Delivery, Communication, Facility Technology (Ch. 5, 7, 8). Completion is achieved by carrying out the following four (4) project tasks. 1) Select one (1) Sharing Economy Service ... After "Exploring” to learn about the emerging Sharing Economy 2) Determine the main demand and supply factors leading to customer ("sharee") satisfaction and loyalty a) Customer ("sharee") needs wants, expectations ... as well as access, familiarity, functionality, comfort, etc. b) Provider (“sharer”) abilities, offerings, resources ... as well as personalization, credibility, technology, etc. 3) Compare the Shared Service with competing Conventional Services, based on demand/supply satisfaction factors 4) Design an ORIGINAL Shared Service that provides IDEAL satisfaction using: a) Demand Concepts ... Scripts/Roles (Ch. 4 & 10) and Satisfaction Measurement for Loyalty (Ch. 11 & 14) b) Supply Concepts ... Scripts/Roles in actual “Blueprint" & "Servicescape" diagrams with explanations (Ch. 5 & 8) c) Digital Technology ... Ideas from personal insights. course website links. online content. text chapters (Ch.5.7.8). 1пшәриом eve m4 cape & see *USED BOOKS CHAL CHAP COOKIE TIE THE BOUCHER CHE & CASES SERVICES STRATEGIES , MARKETING FIFTH EDITION K. Douglas Hoffman • John E. G. Bateson CUSTOMER LOYALTY Alabaquie K Helping Hands Stat SERVICE and USED BOOK No 24/7 This book was originally distributed as a sample copy by the publisher for academic review. Satisfaction Quality All chapters RECYCLE and pages Reward are included. on W USE SIISED BOOK USED BOOK ized 32384 UlX9 PERFORATED 3 DOUBLE POCKETS 120 SHEETS COLLEGE RULED SUBJECT
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Shared Service that Provides IDEAL satisfaction

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