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This assignment is a "take home" essay requirement to test knowledge and assimilation of the course learning objectives. The exclusive use of required texts and readings, as well as resources provided in the course is mandatory, although references to your personal experiences are allowed, if properly annotated and relevant. No outside sources are expected. The assignment should be no more and no fewer than eight pages. Attach the assignment as a word document. The assignment must follow the Chicago Style Manual guidelines. Refer to Kate Turabian, A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, 7th ed.Chicago: University of Chicago Press found at All written submissions should be submitted in Times New Roman 12 pt font with 1” margins, typewritten in double-spaced format. Follow the Turabian Format as the sole citation and reference style used in written work submitted as part of coursework.

Complete the following:

A recent cyber attack occurred where a botnet type attack targeted a major US defense firm. No physical damage occurred to the firm’s network, but significant technological secrets about a new surveillance and targeting system from the firm, Defense Applications International (DAI), appear to have been compromised. Incidental, but nonetheless as a result of the attack, the virus also infected a software program that DAI was testing at electrical plant in Pennsylvania. The plant had to be shut down for 12 hours while repairs were made. The NSA believes it has credible evidence that the attack had a direct connection to the elite cyber unit Department 2112, of the country of Redistan, an adversary of the United States, although the attack itself appears to include private citizens of Redistan. The attack however, was routed through several third countries including Bluelandia, an ally of the United States.

You are a new cyber desk officer working for the National Security Council. The Deputy National Security Advisor has asked you to write an eight page memorandum addressing key issues of cyber policy. In the memorandum you have been asked to address the following issues:

1) Based off of the facts we know, should the attack be considered a crime, espionage or act of war? What should the US response be? How can the US best defend itself from future attacks such as the one that just occurred?

2) Should the United States assign US Cyber Command with the responsibility of protecting certain private companies and if so what should the general standard be for determining what companies the government should be responsible for defending.

3) Should the United States lead the effort at an international cyber agreement? Why or why not? What challenges would the President face in trying to get an agreement? Are there any alternatives?

4) Are there any substantive changes that should be made to our current US cyber policy?

Note: In crafting your memorandum you may allocate the content according to the importance of the issue. For example, you can allocate several pages to one issue if you believe it deserves more attention than the others, however, ensure that each question specified by the Deputy National Security Advisor is addressed. No more and no less than eight pages. Use Cyberpower and National Security authored by Franklin D. Kramer as a refercne.

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For some reason the content checker want allow me to run this for a second time but I have revised the few sentences accordingly that came back highlighted the first time around so it should be good to go please let me know and I will wait up for your response before I call it a night to ensure everything is okay to go


There was recently a cyber-attack where what is called a botnet target one of the major United
States defense firms. There weren’t any physical damage occurrences to the network of the firm,
however, there was significant technological secret regarding the new surveillance of the
targeting system compromised. That secret was the one regarding the Defense Applications
International or otherwise known as the (DAI). Although this attack was incidental, a result of
the attack from the virus has appeared to compromise the software program that the Defense
Application International was testing throughout an electrical plant located in Pennsylvania.
Accordingly, this particular facility was inactive for a period of twelve hours while the repairs
that were compromised from the attack was repaired by professionals. The NSA believes that
there has been credible evidence that the occurrences of the attack were directly related to the
elite cyber unit department 2112 located in the country of Resistant. This country is an adversary
of the U.S. although specific components of the attack seem to be related to the citizens of
Resistant. However, other specifics of the attack were channeled through multiple countries
including Bluelandia which is also considered an ally of the U.S.

Key Issues and Analysis
As Dr. Wilson stated as the program director of Cybersecurity while attending the American
Military Public University, botnets are consistent with those that are numbered vastly among
computers in which infects and then is controlled via operations that are sent to multiple methods
utilizing the virtual environment (Wilson 2009, 420). Such attacks are challenging and can be
quite challenging to be prevented against. This makes it more alluring for cybercriminals to
utilize such methods and techniques and is also known to be reminiscent of the Distributed
Denial of Services or otherwise known as the (DDoS) attacks.

Also, jumbling issues is that the corruption in like way contaminated the electrical plant in
Pennsylvania. It has been brought to the attention of the Defense Application that an attempt to
hack the security system was conducted from an electrical plant in which is looked upon as an
essential perspective to take into consideration. Despite how such mechanisms were performed,
there was a period of twelve-hours that the security system in the plant was shut down through
the contamination of structures in which exhibited a remotely controlled hack throughout the
framework of the organization. This becomes a real threat towards the base located in the U.S.
and beginning now and into the not so distant national security, with the ability to influence a
choice that is other than the Pennsylvania region.
The DDoS went on a strike to ensure that the utilization was covering up a trade-off in which
created what was known to be an insider within the establishment regarding other types of
perceptions of information that was recorded and tr...

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