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Organizational Structure

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Consider an organization for which you have worked.

Draw its organization chart and describe it by using terms from Ch. 8 of Management.

Write a 350-word paragraph describing your experience with the organization. Did you enjoy working there? Explain your response.

Submit your paragraph and your organizational chart to your instructor.

Oct 16th, 2017

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Apr 23rd, 2015

milk rocessing company

working in this organization was great because of  the following experience in terms of management

Departmentalization by function has certain advantages:

  • It is logical because it groups like or similar activities together. This facilitates specialization which could lead to increased productivity.
  • Coordination is improved since work is not duplicated.
  • It also contributes to organizational simplicity.
  • Each department is staffed by experts in that particular function and therefore managers in charge of each function can keep close control of the activities.


Departmentalization of functional areas also has certain limitations. It is ideal for small organizations but as the organization grows some weaknesses become apparent and complex.

  • The chain of command becomes excessively long as new levels are added. This may slow down communication.
  • It does not allow departmental managers to develop much understanding of the activities in other departments—so it becomes difficult to develop well rounded executives.
  • It tends to slow decision making. Employees might concentrate so much on their functional specialities that they lose sight of the total organization.

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Apr 23rd, 2015

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Oct 16th, 2017
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