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this is related to sustainable consumer behavior Assignment 1 and 2 you helped with recentlyplz let me know if anything is not clear


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The Influence of Changes in Consumer Behavior in Branding and Sustainable Business
Operations in the Retail Industry
Thesis: Numerous scholars and researchers have focused on how sustainable consumer behavior
influences an organization’s competitiveness, the strategic relevance of these approaches, and the
challenges associated with sustainable consumer behavior in the market. However, there is a gap
in knowledge concerning evaluating an organization’s culture that integrates sustainability to
promote ethical desirability and how consumer triumph in sustainability improves consumers’
influence on organizations’ business processes and environmental commitment.
1. Introduction

Overview of the correlation between consumer behavior and sustainability in the
retail industry


Identification of gap in knowledge

2. Justification of topic selection


Commitment to sustainability

Due to changes in consumer behavior

Organization desirability

Sustainable business operations

Consumer satisfaction

Adaptive decision-making

3. Research questions
4. Justification of selection
Question 1

Evaluation of customer need accommodations

Relevance of corporate values

Question 2

Evaluation of organizations' business processes

Triumph of supply over demand

Question 3

Moderate consumption of the common and natural resources

Sustainable business operations and ethical branding

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‫وزارة التعليم‬
‫الجامعة السعودية اإللكترونية‬

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Ministry of Education
Saudi Electronic University

College of Administrative and Financial Sciences
Critical Thinking Assignment 3: Module-5 & 6
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