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summarize the following poem and text:

Ø Woolf, Virginia.  "Professions for Women.” Gilbert and Gubar pp. 244-47.

Ø Dunbar-Nelson, Alice. "I Sit and Sew." Gilbert and Gubar pp. 171.

Ø Lucille Clifton: "a dream about being white" (1121)

Ø Luci Tapahonso: "Leda and the Cowboy" (1393-1394)

Ø Jean Rhys: "Mannequin" (499-503)

Ø “When We Dead Awaken: Writing as Revision" (982–994) in The Norton Anthology of Literature by Women

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Summary of “Professions for Women”
The undoubtedly sincere sturdiness in this writing is just phenomenal. The author has a
whole different view of what professions for women are like. As the subtitle unfolds itself; the
“womanhood profession” in those days had no chance to express themselves in writing the way
men used to, For though men allow themselves great freedom in these respects, I doubt that they
realize or can control the extreme with which they condemn such freedom in women (Woolf 5).
Women had no truth expressions; by this, it means that women; must charm, they must
conciliate, they must – to put it bluntly – tell lies if they are to succeed (Wolf 3). Women had
been silenced for a long, and I believe that the author was fighting for equality in terms of
women's voices being heard and understood the way men's voices were heard and understood in
those times.
In conclusion, Even when the path is nominally open—when there is nothing to prevent
a woman from being a doctor, a lawyer, or a civil servant – there are many phantoms and
obstacles, as I believe, looming her way(Wolf 6). The efficacy of these truths is out of this world.
Though rhetorical and in a figurative speech to awaken women’s rights, she outlined the best that
has seasoned women professionals who are giving their best without societal approval.
Summary of "I sit and sew."
The poe...

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