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Your report must address the following with answers to all questions:

1. Individual and group contribution (400 words approx.)

What was your individual role and contribution to the digital poster? 

What research did you carry out and how did you go about researching your topic?

What was one key challenge you or your group encountered in this assignment and how was this challenge overcome?

2. Building on your topic (500 words approx.)

Select one of the academic sources your group used in the digital poster and address the following:

identify the source (the full name, title and what it was published in)

provide a summary of the argument

identify one or more key claims made by the author(s)

explain the evidence or support used by the author(s) Does it seem adequate, is it completely relevant?

explain how this source related to the key thinker or concept that was selected for the poster

Note: you may alternatively select an academic source from one of the essential readings in the unit.

3. Peer review of digital poster (400 words approx.)

Select one other digital poster created by another group. Provide a summary of what the poster is about. Write one thing you liked, one thing you thought could be improved and one thing you'd like to learn more about.

4. Reference list (max. 200 words)

Explanation & Answer:
1500 Words
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Grace Brewster Murray Hopper Thinkfest Report

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Grace Brewster Murray Hopper Thinkfest Report
1. Individual and Group Contributions
My individual role and contributions to the digital poster were to provide biographical
information, explain the thinker's cultural and disciplinary context, and draft it in a poster. It was
about Grace Hopper, a thinker born in New York City in 1906. I found that "Walter Fletcher
Murray and Mary Campbell Van Horne were her parents" (Britannica, T. Editors of
Encyclopedia, 2022). Grace was a mathematics teacher at Vassar after completing her master's
degree from Yale University while pursuing her doctorate" (Lantero, 2015). Hooper joined the
Naval Reserve after the United States entered World War II, accelerated by the Pearl Harbor
bombing. After leaving active service in 1946, "she worked on MARK II and MARK II
computers between 1946 and 1949" (Yale University, 2017). I was actively engaged in the group
and dedicated my time to ensure we produced the best poster. I ensured that I updated my group
members and smoothly compiled the poster.
I researched the thinker Grace Hooper, discussed her biographical information, and
explained her cultural and disciplinary context. To know more about Hooper, I asked myself,
who is Grace Hooper? What is her cultural context? What are her achievements? To help me
narrow down my research. Then I went ahead and searched the name Grace Hooper on the
internet. After thoroughly comparing the information from google scholar, Britannica, and
Encyclopedia about her background, I gathered all the required information in the poster,
including her honors, personal experiences, and relevance of digital culture. I reference all the
information I obtained from the internet.
We encountered a few challenges as a group, but lack of coordination was the major.
Each group member wanted to be assigned an easy role, making it hard to select a role for each

individual. To overcome the challenge, we had to undertake a team analysis to know who has
which part so there would be no confusion, like two people having to tackle the same topic and
leaving other issues unattended. The low engagement was another challenge because not all the
members were committed to their roles, and not all were willing to go the extra mile to produce
the best results. To overcome the challenge, we made it necessary for all members to attend the
group meeting for discussion.
2. Building on Your Topic
Identify the source

Author's full name: YaleNews

Title: Grace Murray Hopper (1906-1992): A legacy of innovation and service.

Publisher: Yale

Year of Publis...

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