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Help! What do these objects symbolize in Huck Finn?

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1. Col Sherburn 

2. Tom Sawyer's robber gang 

3. Wrecked Steamboat, Walter Scott 
4. Miss Sophia Grangerford 
5. The Royal Nonesuch 
6. White fog 
7. Jim s hairball 
8. The circus 
9. Snakes (either from Jackson's Island or the Phelps plantation) 

10. Tom Sawyer being shot in the leg

Nov 17th, 2017

1.  Col Sherburn is the antithesis of Boggs.  He undermines the myth of Southern bravery

2.  The gang represents what Tom thinks gangs should be.  They are "robbers and murderers" and in a way over generalized.

3.  In Chapter 11, Huck and Tom come across a" wrecked steamboat" called the "Walter Scott". Walter Scott was a famous romantic writer best known for his novel,"Ivanhoe". The fact that the steamboat is "wrecked" indicates Twain's attitude toward romanticism. This is one of the instances which symbolizes the idea that romanticism is an idea that is past its time and is no longer useful.

4.  Like Romeo and Juliet, Miss Sophia and Harney come from feuding families but love one another nonetheless.

5.  They put on a fake Shakespeare play.  They are con artists.

6.  The fog symbolizes the journey of Huck and Jim. It can represent confusion as well.

7.  Jim uses the hairball to get information from Huck.  It is magic and talks according to Jim.

8.  The circus exhibits Huck's innocence.  He thinks the drunk at the circus is really a drunk and not planted there as part of the show.

9.  The snakes generally represent bad luck. 

10.  Tom is shot in an elaborate plan to help Jim escape.  This is the result of them playing tricks on one another.

Apr 24th, 2015

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Nov 17th, 2017
Nov 17th, 2017
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