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In your final team project plan presentation (MKTG PLAN DOCS ATTACHED, THIS IS THE PRODUCT/SERVICE TO USE), you will be describing how you will distribute the product you are introducing to the marketplace.  To prepare you for that section, and for the purpose of this discussion board, answer the following questions as they relate to your specific product:

  • In one or two sentences, describe your product, the company you represent and the brand image you want the product to project.
  • Considering the 5 Cs mentioned in this module, what type of distribution channel should you use?  Address all 5 Cs in your answer.
  • Which retailer(s) should represent and sell your product?  Why?  In terms of their range of distribution coverage, is your retailer intensive, selective and exclusive? Why is this aspect important to your product sales?
  • Will you use wholesaler(s)?  Talk about at least three functions they will perform for your product.
  • Will you have a transactional website where consumers can purchase your product?  If yes, explain why this option is important to your target market.  If no, explain why not.

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1 Team Project Written Assignment 3 Dessert Alert – Team C Michael Hall, Carmel Macchia, Martin McCreary Saint Leo University MBA565 – Marketing October 2nd, 2022 2 Dessert Alert – Team C Introduction Dessert Alert is a Florida-based, 24-hour baked goods delivery service. The service will provide consumers with a variety of menu options including bagels, pastries, donuts, cupcakes, cakes, cookies, and pies. Dessert Alert will service customers with experienced bakery staff and dedicated delivery drivers who work directly for the company. Dessert Alert strives to provide high quality, delicious offerings coupled with excellent customer service at any time of day. Dessert Alert’s primary target market is adults aged 20 to 54 in Pasco County, Florida. This type of food delivery service has a very wide demographic due to the universal appeal of its products and the likelihood of adults in this age range to utilize a specialty delivery service. Marketing to this demographic will encompass millennials, who currently use food delivery services the most, as well as the older Generation X’ers and the younger Generation Z’ers. Integrated Marketing Communications – Main Objectives Integrated marketing communications utilize advertising, sales promotions, personal selling, and publicity to deliver a consistent message to customers (Donnelly and Peter, 2019, pg. 123). These methods must work together to guide the customer through the buying process, which consists of product awareness, then comprehension of product purpose, conviction that it has value for them and finally, ordering the product (Donnelly and Peter, 2019, pg. 123). Today’s marketing environment means “diverse customers, markets, channels and products”, along with lower budgets and infrequent meaningful communication between organizations (Hyder, 2018). With Dessert Alert, the main objective is to make sales and profits. In order to move consumers to use this service over and over, marketing must succinctly guide them through the buying process while taking into consideration the diversity of the wide 3 demographic. The main objectives of Dessert Alert’s integrated marketing communications plan are: 1. Create awareness through advertising, publicity, and word of mouth 2. Aide comprehension by conveying a simple message of “anytime-dessert-delivery” 3. Develop conviction by meeting people where they are and using universal scenarios 4. Encourage ordering by making it look quick and easy Main Message to Convey People want it now. It doesn’t matter what “it” is. When it comes to food, we usually call it a craving or a hunger. Our society has even come up with a word for the bad mood we get in when we are hungry: “hangry”. With Dessert Alert, we want our marketing to simply let our customers know “now” is possible. If you need dessert delivered, you can get it any time of day. This idea was born out of late-night cravings during binge-watching. We’ve all been there. You’re five episodes deep into an eight-episode season and you think “How great would it be to have something sweet right now?”. In an ideal world, you could open up a user-friendly app, make your selections from a diverse menu, pay on the app, set up a contactless delivery and be able to satisfy that sweet tooth in thirty minutes or less. The great thing about this service is it extends to every meal or snack period of the day from early morning office donuts to cookies with lunch, to a last-minute birthday cake after dinner, all the way to that midnight order of a few pumpkin pies to treat holiday guests while playing cards. The goal is to inform customers of the service provided in such a way that a “buyer is moved to purchase the advertised brand” (Donnelly and Peter, 2019, pg. 129). The main message that Dessert Alert advertising should consistently convey about the brand is this: When it comes to desserts or baked goods, you can have it now with anytime-dessert-delivery. 4 Modes of Communication The modes of communication Dessert Alert will use in the beginning are advertisements and sales promotions. These help to “make potential buyers aware of the product” and “entice buyers to purchase the product” (Peter & Donnelly, 2018). It is important to get the message out that this is not just another bakery, but one that offers a unique service. Advertisement will allow the company to transmit its message through a mass medium to reach its target demographic. Two of the top key benefits to advertising are to create awareness about the company and to educate consumers about what the company offers (Yelp, 2022). Sales promotions will complement the advertisements because it will entice the customers to try these new products and services they are learning about. A sales promotion is something that induces potential customers to try a product (Peter & Donnelly, 2018). Two of the biggest advantages of sales promotions is it gives the opportunity to upsell a customer to buy a more expensive product and it helps businesses reach new customers by word of mouth (Kokemuller, 2018). For instance, Dessert Alert can offer a free chocolate chip cookie for any delivery order over a certain set price. Another example would be offering people a discount every time they referred a friend. Both would likely help to increase sales. Both modes are important because they help a new company establish a foothold in a new market, but they might not always be the best option. As the business grows and matures it will most likely need to change its promotion mix to adjust with the changes. Most companies adjust promotion mixes based on variables like a product life cycle or changes in the market (Peter & Donnelly, 2018). Types of Media The type of media used for communication pieces will be TV ads and social media ads. Dessert Alert will be targeting a large age demographic range and both media types will help to 5 ensure everyone in that age range is reached. For example, social media will be very effective at reaching the younger generations and television will help to reach customers at the upper age limits of the 20-54 demographics. Almost everyone has a television. It is estimated that at least 96% of households have one (Tec Direct Media, 202). It arguably has the largest reach of any media form. While it has its benefits it also comes with some downsides. Making TV commercials has high production costs, and the ads must compete with the clutter of all the other ads shown (Peter & Donnelly, 2018). Social Media ads have the benefit of being considerably cheaper than TV ads. Additionally social media ads can help drive traffic to a company’s website with direct links on the ads. Some studies have even shown that social media ads increase actual foot traffic to stores with 21% of customers saying they visited a store after seeing the ad (McGaw, 2019). The one characteristic both media forms share that make them optimal for Dessert Alert’s message is that they’re visual. Customers being able to see the baked goods and desserts they can buy will help to increase their cravings. It is a lot easier to turn down a slice of cake when you can’t see it compared to when you can. Adding delicious looking visuals to the message of “you could have this right now” will really help to entice customers to make that purchase. Tracking and Evaluating Media Results In terms of tracking social media success, and the overall impact in terms of customer reach and conversion there are several metrices that can be utilized. One of the key indicators when using social media marketing, and online posts is to track keyword searches, and adjust marketing materials based on the most prominent key words for one’s product or service (Chiofolio, 2018). Additionally, building a network of influencers, and using their following will help to additionally promote the product and analyze the success. In addition there are 6 several software platforms that will track social media clicks, evaluate comments, and also can perform statistical analysis to determine conversions from clicks to purchases, as well as returning customers (Chiofolio, 2018). Additionally, with the presentation of promotional coupons, this offers the ability to utilize tracking of the times these coupons are utilized. Dessert Alert can also track consumer reach, and the effectiveness of their campaigns by collection of zip codes at the time of orders to effectively identify the geographic regions they are reaching most effectively as well as identify areas where cost may be a concern, social media campaigns have not been effective, as well as look TV coverage, and determine if there is a need for ad timing changes, or if the material presented is not reaching the right target consumer. “Measurement is the first step that leads to control and, eventually, to improvement.” (Cain, 2019). Using metrics built into the ordering system can also help to identify unique visitors, when visiting the site. It is, however, just as important to capture return visits and subsequent orders which will allow management to recognize how effective marketing initiatives are performing, as well as the success of the product with the consumer (Cain, 2019). Evaluation is also found when one assesses the bounce rate, and conversion rate and what actions are taken by the consumer. This offer management greater control over their assessment of marketing strategies, and the information necessary to make changes (Cain, 2019). Costs of Implementation Cost factors related to social media marketing plans can vary extensively based on several factors such as which social media platforms are used, as well as the number of posts per month, and the type of profile created, and number selected. Each of these factors need to be considered when assessing the costs of social media marketing for Dessert Alert. On average social media marketing on Facebook and Instagram will cost Dessert Alert approximately $800 7 per month, for a mid-level plan that allows for 20 post per month, including Boost Ad Management and Page Monitoring (Kovalenko, 2022). Additionally, for grand opening of Dessert Alert plans for a social media marketing contest will help to get off the ground and running with name recognition and a clearer understanding of the concept and availability of the products. Development of this marketing event through both social media platforms of Facebook and Instagram will cost on average $4,000 - $6,000 (Kovalenko, 2022). Dessert Alert at the end of the social marketing contest dependent on response also will consider the opportunity to use more advanced targeted marketing, and social media advertising creation based on the data collection of effectiveness of the marketing plans, and the target consumer. This process ads an average monthly cost of $850 per month (Kovalenko, 2022). In addition Dessert Alert will need to budget approximately $2000-2500 for website and ordering platform (Kovalenko, 2022). Cost for TV advertising is dependent on the time slot selected. With this and the need for Dessert Alert to attract the proper target market, prime time slots between the hours of 6pm – 11pm in Florida will run approximately $350.00 per 15 second slot, with a minimum of 4 slots over the course of week, with each ad averaging 30 seconds, so a total of $2800.00 per week (All Cost Advertising, 2019). Scheduling “A marketing timeline allows your entire marketing team to see all projects, events, campaigns, and sales that will be happening throughout the year. They can be used to map out deadlines on a quarterly, annual, or per-project basis” (CoSchedule, 2022). The projected opening date for Dessert Alert will be May 1, 2023. However, social media marketing will begin to be used starting April 1, 2023, in an effort to begin to peak the interests of consumers about the new delivery service and allow them to enroll in social media marketing contest being 8 sponsored by Dessert Alert. By using this thirty-day window we can begin to also take custom orders for special events starting in May, as well as build a buzz around the brand “Dessert Alert”. In addition this early start into the market will help to begin to fine tune any concerns about reaching the target market, and allow for last minute adjustments prior to the next posting, etc. For TV advertising, Dessert Alert will begin to run these segments approximately 2 weeks prior to opening. Research has found that 2 weeks is the best time to begin to utilize TV marketing for new product or service, as consumers will retain this messaging and be on the lookout for launch (Posa, n.d.) Additionally, with the cost of TV advertising, and the need to run consistent 30 second segments, this will allow Dessert Alert to stay within their marketing budget prior to the launch of the Dessert Alert service and potential to see profits (Posa, n.d.) 9 References All TV Advertising. (2019, October 25). How much does TV advertising cost in Florida? Cain, K. (2019, October 12). Measuring advertising effectiveness: 6 metrics. Content Marketing Institute. Chiofolio, V. (2018, June 30). 7 Ways to Track Your Social Media Marketing Activities. Social Media Examiner. CoSchedule. (2022, May 6). How to develop marketing timelines the best way (Free templates). CoSchedule Blog. Donnelly, J., Peter, J. (2019). A Preface to Marketing Management, 15th edition. McGraw-Hill Education. Hymer, S. (2018, November 29). Why Integrated Marketing is the Future. Forbes. ?sh=62c4da9a1736. Kokemuller, N. (2018, October 25). Advantages & Disadvantages of Sales Promotions. Retrieved from Bizfluent: Kovalenko, M. (2022, January 31). How much does social media marketing cost? (2022 guide). Digital Marketers World. 10 McGaw, D. (2019, June 7). 11 of the Biggest Benefits of Social Media Advertising Business Owners Need to Know. Retrieved from Peter, J., & Donnelly, J. (2018). A Preface to Marketing Management (15th ed.). McGraw-Hill Higher Education. Retrieved from Posa, K. (n.d.). When is the right time to start advertising my business? WNEM Marketing. Tec Direct Media. (202, November 5). 7 Advantages Of Television Advertising. Retrieved from Tec Direct Media: Yelp. (2022). Why is advertising important for small businesses? Retrieved from Yelp: 1 Marketing Strategy Plan – Team C Michael Hall, Carmel Macchia, Martin McCreary Saint Leo University MBA565 – Marketing September 18, 2022 2 Marketing Strategy Plan – Team C Company Introduction Dessert Alert is a new Florida-based, baked goods delivery service. The service will be available to customers 24 hours a day, all using in-house employees, which is the first of its kind in the foodservice delivery space. The brand is meant to appeal to the office worker who needs donuts delivered at a moment’s notice, to the mom who wants the convenience of birthday cupcakes delivered straight to the classroom, to family and friends who want to enjoy a spontaneous pumpkin pie over coffee and many more. Maybe it’s a special delivery as a way to say “thank you” to that night shift crew of first responders working late hours to keep the community safe. With a simple online order through the website or mobile app, Dessert Alert will be able to satisfy needs and cravings at any time of day, with quick delivery from a wide menu of delicious baked goods. What are the specific demographics you might appeal to? Dessert Alert is anticipating a wide appeal from a demographic’s perspective. Food delivery research shows Millennials, Gen-Z and Gen-X are the primary users of off-premises foodservice (Laurent, 2021). Millennials, or individuals born between 1981 and 1996, make up the largest segment of active customers (Kasasa, 2021). They are also the largest adult generation in the United States (Jiang, 2019). Research shows 73% of Millennials regularly order dinner and lunch to-go or through delivery services and make up half of afternoon and late-night deliveries, which will drive Dessert Alert’s unique 24-hour service window (Laurent, 2021). Next comes Gen-Z, or individuals born between 1997 and 2012. Personalized communication and relationship marketing will be a viable tactic with Gen-X (Jiang, 2019). Generation X, individuals born between 1965 and 1980, may be the next wave as delivery companies attempt to 3 draw in families with older children (Kasasa, 2021). With this in mind, Dessert Alert will market to a wide demographic of adults between the ages of 20 to 54, in order to encompass large segments of all three generations. What are some lifestyle and behavioral traits of this segment? Upon examination of Dessert Alert’s demographic of those between the ages of 20-54, one finds that a majority of this population have formed families, have children, and are engaged in multiple social and professional events. In fact, the Population Reference Bureau reports statistically that the median age of marriage in the U.S. is 28 for females, and 29 for males (2021). In addition, most families have at least one child by the age of thirty (Population Reference Bureau, 2022). This leads to aligning these individuals with lifestyles focused on family gatherings, birthday parties both at home and in classrooms, holiday celebrations, as well as social acts such as binge-watching favorite tv shows, and entertaining children and their friends. In addition, when reviewing the targeted age group of 20-54, the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics shows that close to 68% of this population holds professional employment in a variety of industries and business sectors (2022). This then translates to this group actively participating in business meetings, retreats, and conferences, all of which open the door for opportunities that Dessert Alert could help with in terms of providing sweet treats for individuals in this demographic. Considering the lifestyles of this sector, both professionally and personally, one finds that this age segment of the market spends a considerable amount of time socializing, event planning, and finding practicable, and affordable ways to offer tasty snacks/treats during these times to satisfy the wants of a variety of groups from children to adults. 4 Where would you likely introduce this product (regionally, nationally)? The initial introduction of Dessert Alert would be regional, more specifically, in the Pasco County, Florida area. Door Dash and Uber Eats have both been successful in the region. Additionally, this region supports a population within our target demographic, as 51.1% according to the U.S. Census Bureau fits into the target age demographic for Dessert Alert (2020). In addition, in this region, the median household salary of just over $53,000, also supports the area’s ability to benefit from and use this type of dessert delivery service. (U.S. Census Bureau, 2020). In a review of the information provided in this area, 85.9% of all households have been established for a period of greater than one year, and 62.3% include children within the household aligning well with the target market population for Dessert Alert services (U.S. Census Bureau, 2020). What needs/wants of this segment is your product satisfying (features/benefits)? Dessert Alert will use its own employees to deliver its products to customers. This is superior to using a third-party app like Uber Eats for a few reasons. For one, most customers prefer it. According to a survey done in 2018, roughly 70% of those surveyed said they would rather order direct than through a third party (Hospitality Technology, 2018). While many restaurants offer delivery with their own employees, virtually none of them do so 24 hours a day. Dessert Alert would be the only company to provide that service around the clock without using the help of a third-party. The use of its own employees would also help make customers feel more confident that the food had not been tampered with. According to a report by US Foods, 28% of third-party delivery drivers have admitted to eating food from an order they delivered (Chubb, 2019). By delivering direct, Dessert Alert can help mitigate the risk of this happening. 5 Why is this segment optimal for this product? The frequency and volume that people are ordering food instead of buying in-store are increasing, especially among the Gen-Z and Millennials in the 20-54 age demographic. According to a report by Technomic, the younger generations now dine in at restaurants less than half the time at 42% (Restaurant Business, 2017). They are much more likely to order delivery or pick up takeout. The overall delivery market share among our chosen demographic has been increasing rapidly in recent years. Market share quadrupled between 2019 and 2020 to 28%, and it is estimated to grow by at least 17% through 2025 (Beaton, 2021). These facts show a growing desire for delivery among our chosen segment which is the perfect opportunity for Dessert Alert to be successful. 6 References Beaton, K. (2021, December 8). Which Consumers Are Driving Food Delivery Growth? Retrieved from The Food Institute: Chubb, H. (2019, July 30). Study Reveals 1 in 4 Delivery Drivers Admit to Tasting Customers' Food Before It's Delivered. Retrieved from People Magazine: Hospitality Technology. (2018, May 24). 70% of Consumers Prefer to Order Direct from Restaurants, Not Third-Party Services. Retrieved from Hospitality Technology: Jiang, S. (2019, April 2). The ABCs of Generations, X, Y, And Z. Forbes. Kasasa. (2021, July 6). Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z, and Gen A explained. The Kasasa Exchange. (2021, January 28). Delivery and Takeout…The demographics. Strategic Hospitality Group Miami. Population Reference Bureau. (2021). US data. PRB. 7 Restaurant Business. (2017, September 5). 4 Foodservice trends driven by millennials. Retrieved from Restaurant Business: U.S. Census Bureau. (2020). U.S. Census Bureau QuickFacts: Pasco County, Florida. Census Bureau QuickFacts. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. (2022, January 20). Employed persons by detailed occupation and age. 1 Dessert Alert – Team C Michael Hall, Carmel Macchia, Martin McCreary Saint Leo University MBA565 – Marketing September 25, 2022 2 Dessert Alert – Team C Introduction In order for an organization to find success, one needs to ensure that proper planning has been completed that focuses on identifying the mission, and long-term vision of the company, as well as formulation of goals that are measurable and can be used as identifiers both relative to company success and where areas may need improvement. Additionally, the introduction of a new product or service ties directly into the planning organization takes surrounding identification of the product life cycle, positioning in market, as well as the branding strategy and product development process. In the following pages, one will be a provided of an overview of each of these areas as it related to Dessert Alert, a new Florida-based, baked goods delivery service. The service will be available to customers 24 hours a day, all using in-house employees, which is the first of its kind in the foodservice delivery space. Mission and Vision Dessert Alert is passionate about providing high quality baked goods, with the convenience of 24-hour availability with a wide variety of choices for the consumer looking for a simple sweet indulgence or supplying baked goods to fit their event needs. The Vision of Dessert Alert is to be the most widely recognized baked goods delivery service that is built on a culture of commitment, excellence, integrity, and consistency that shows in our products quality and customer service focus. Financial Goals ➢ First year sales for bakery product retailers averages around $450,000 (Gartenstein, 2019). This is dependent on consumers coming to a brick-and-mortar location. Since Dessert Alert 3 will be delivery based, and be open 24-7, Dessert Alert, has set a financial goal of $500,000 in revenue for its first year of business. ➢ Total goods cost typically in this industry runs at approximately 50% of sales revenue, (i.e. $500,000 in sales, will have cost of goods of approximately $250,000) (Gartenstein, 2019). It is for this reason that Dessert Alert will focus on reducing cost of goods, without sacrificing quality to 40% of sales. Non-Financial Goals ➢ The impact of websites in the baked goods industry is increasing. In fact those bakeries that have high quality, continually updated websites do approximately 22% more business than those that have not taken the time to develop this type of marketing plan (Welp Magazine, 2020). Goal of Dessert Alert will be to implement and launch a website of upcoming products and services thirty days prior to launch. ➢ Customer service training will be a focus of Dessert Alert. It is important in the food delivery service that clients feel they are respected by their delivery staff, as well as that delivery staff have been properly trained in order to delivery products in a way that ensures presentability and meets food safety standards. All delivery personnel under the Dessert Alert plan will be required to complete a 40-hour customer service and delivery training program, prior to making their first delivery. Product Details Dessert Alert will offer a wide variety of fresh baked goods via delivery service similar to that of Uber Eats, and Door Dash, with 24-7 availability. Products will include cupcakes, donuts, brownies, assort pastries, Danish, full-size cakes, cake pops, as well as availability 4 with plan ahead ordering for customer to request customized products, or special occasion desserts. Life Cycle The product life cycle concept includes the introduction, growth, maturity and decline of a given product or service (Donnelly and Peter, 2019, pg. 97). Dessert Alert is in the introduction phase because we are building this company and its services from the ground up. At this stage, our primary goal is to establish loyalty with early adopters by providing high quality desserts through efficient service. This will inform the major points of differentiation between Dessert Alert and competitors such as DoorDash, which is consistently ranked the most popular food delivery app (Rayome, 2022). By providing high quality baked goods at any time of day via in-house delivery drivers who own the final presentation of the product, Dessert Alert will be able to surpass competitors when it comes to trust, quality, and efficiency. Other delivery services charge a delivery fee, a service fee and there is also the tax and tip (Rayome, 2022). One way Dessert Alert will create value for our demogr aphic (20-54 years old) will be to do away with the service fee. Dessert Alert is not a third -party delivery service, therefore the only fee that will be required is a delivery fee. Product Positioning We need to position our product and service such that customers choose us over another service that would deliver second-hand baked goods or desserts from a restaurant (Donnelly and Peter, 2019, pg. 79). Therefore, we will position Dessert Alert as an easy -touse, extremely original, convenience concept. Positioning our business as the first 24 -hour bakery that delivers, instead of just a food delivery service, will bring awareness to our target market of 20–54-year-olds in the Pasco County, Florida area. Our goal is to build a perception 5 of exclusivity with early adopters’, using delivery deals and word of mouth, such that within a few weeks of opening, the early majority is expanding each day as more and more people need to know where that delicious pumpkin pie, or birthday cake, came from. By positioning our service as direct competition to outsourced food delivery services like DoorDash, our wide target market should be able to set aside concerns about delivery fees and tainted food and instead buy in to the concept of one team owning every aspect of the product, from kitchen to delivery. Consider the positioning map below, based on CNET’s article comparing food delivery service attributes (Rayome, 2022). Dessert Alert will ideally excel in each attribute, while also being the only service that is not third-party. Branding Strategy 6 Dessert Alert’s branding strategy will certainly by under the private label umbrella. In an industry where third-party services such as DoorDash and Grubhub have gained control over food delivery to customers, setting our service apart will be of the utmost importance (Donnelly and Peter, 2019, pg. 95). Dessert Alert will distinguish itself as a private label by using upscale containers and high quality, delicious food offerings. Dessert Alert should not be perceived as a house brand or a value brand, but as a specialty brand, priced for quality and exceeding other delivery name brands in exclusivity, in quality and in service. This strategy will ensure success because Dessert Alert is a novel idea in a modern, burgeoning delivery industry and we want to market it as such. This is not a new market segment of an existing product that would benefit from the line extension approach, nor is it a brand extension into a new product class for an existing brand. It is also not a family branding or a dual branding with another venture. In this case, Dessert Alert is its own, new thing, so marketing as a private label that is not part of a larger brand is the best way. New Product Development Tenets The idea for Dessert Alert was created using the first two tenets of the new product development process, idea generation and idea screening (Peter & Donnelly, 2018). Market pull research was done to identify a customer need and then the idea was expanded into a full product concept while also considering the risks associated with it. With the project planning and product development steps, the details for the company became more fleshed out. A budget was developed, and the company idea was evaluated from different perspectives including financial, marketing, and manufacturing standpoints. It was then decided that the first store will be opened in Pasco County, Florida. This location will serve to complete the test marketing phase of the new product development process. In this stage we will tweak our marketing strategy until we 7 find the marketing mix that works best. We will also use this time to gather ideas and feedback from the customers to find which types of new bakery products to make available. It will be good to start with classic and popular dishes that customers love and get them used to using and trusting our brand. For instance, studies show that the most popular dessert in Florida is cheesecake (Gionet, 2021), and the most popular dessert in the United States is a chocolate chip cookie (Taylor, 2022). It will be these staples that Dessert Alert will focus on serving in the beginning. We will then use the feedback we get from our customers to develop new and unique dessert products. After Pasco County we will conduct a few more test locations in other parts of the state with the plans of hopefully entering the commercialization phase and expanding the company into other states. Timeline Time to market is very important to a company’s success. It is the time between product definition and product availability (Peter & Donnelly, 2018). It is important for Dessert Alert to do this quickly to help ensure an edge on the rest of the market. Currently no company offers what our company is trying to do, but if we take too long to implement our ideas that may no longer be the case. In eight months, Dessert Alert needs to go from the concept phase to implementation. In the first month the budget needs to be finalized. This needs to be done so that the company knows its limits for finding a proper location for the store. Finding the right location for the store in Pasco County is the second step and needs to be completed by month two. This is an extremely important step. About sixty percent of new restaurants fail within the first year and the primary reason for this is because of it being in a bad location (Bellini, 2016). After this, Dessert Alert needs to develop and finalize its menu. As mentioned before, this will initially consist of classic desserts that are well known to everyone. Once the menu is complete 8 suppliers need to be identified. Dessert Alert will attempt to use local companies to supply its ingredients when possible to help cement itself as a member of the community. The ingredients along with the recipes are very important in ensuring product quality. Poor quality is one of the main reasons for the failure of a new product (Bellini, 2016). Within a few months before opening marketing needs to begin. The marketing will be targeted specifically to the 20 – 54 age group previously identified. In addition to traditional methods, Dessert Alert will have a strong social media marketing presence to target the zoomer and millennial generations that tend to use delivery much more than the previous generations. Within a month of opening staff will need to be hired. Heavy emphasis is being put on the quality of the service and delivery provided, therefore it is important that Dessert Alert has high quality employees. To do this, the company will need to offer competitive wages that were determined during the budgeting process. Once hired, all employees need to be properly trained on job position and any HR related topics. Once this is all done, everything will be ready for the grand opening of the first store in Pasco County eight months from now. 9 References Bellini, J. (2016, March 15). The No. 1 thing to consider before opening a restaurant. Retrieved from Make It: Donnelly, J., Peter, J. (2019). A Preface to Marketing Management, 15th edition. McGraw-Hill Education. Gartenstein, D. (2019, March 1). What is the average revenue for a bakery? Small Business Gionet, A. (2021, Novembe 4). The Most Popular Cake Flavor in Every U.S. State. Retrieved from The Loupe:, J., & Donnelly, J. (2018). A Preface to Marketing Management (15th ed.). McGraw-Hill Higher Education. Retrieved from Rayome, A.D. (2022, July 28). Best Food Delivery Service: DoorDash, Grubhub, Uber eats and More Compared. CNET. Taylor, M. (2022, June 7). Most Popular Desserts in America. Retrieved from In the Kitchen with Matt: Welp Magazine. (2020, September 8). What are some good goals to set for a Homebased bakery?
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