What were the underlying factors for the continuation of slavery

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Answer the following questions in at least 3-5 sentences each with strong supportive details and, when you are finished, follow the short essay prompt directions below.

  1. How were slaves treated?
  2. What were the underlying factors for the continuation of slavery?
  3. How did slaves influence America's economy during the time of slavery?Do you think America would have prospered into one of the most powerful countries had it not been for the economic prosperity of slavery? Explain why or why not.
  4. What was the significance of President Lincoln’s election?
  5. What specific, named compromise could not be attained before the secession?
  6. When and why did the secession begin? What state seceded first?

When you have finished answering these questions, please explain in a short essay of at least 500 words how the Emancipation Proclamation was a game changer for the Civil War. Include how it affected the goal of the Civil War, the combatants, and how it influenced foreign nations' decisions as to whether or not to support one side over the other in the war.

In a separate short essay of at least 400 words, describe how the Reconstruction Era following the Civil War helped transform the nation and bring it back together again.

Please write your essays in MLA format, and follow the standard five paragraph model.

You must use at least 6 credible sources and provide a Works Cited page. Failure to include a Works Cited page will result in a rejected assignment.

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1. Treatment of slaves varied depending on the level of disobedience to the master. In most cases
they were hanged, burned, beat, burned, shackled, whipped, mutilated, branded and imprisoned.
The women slaves were subjected to rape and sexual abuse.
2. Factors such as large cotton and tobacco plantations especially in the southern states led to the
continuation of slavery, and this is because a large amount of labor was required to produce. This
meant that if they abolished slavery, they would lose their businesses.
3. Slaves influenced America's economy positively since they provided free or rather cheap labor
hence more profitable returns. America would not have prospered to the most powerful countries
if it were not for the prosperity of slavery and this is because slaves provided them with cheap
labor in their industrial production. This is because for a country to grow to become a
superpower, it must have grown very stable economically, and America had highly grown its
economy through cheap labor from the slaves.
4. President Lincoln's election was significant in that; after he was elected, there was the
establishment of state sovereignty whereby ultimate state power now resided in the state rather

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than federal government. States such as South Carolina also held elections to choose delegates to
a convention which further led to the endorsement of secession, therefore, declaring the state's
constitutional ratification repealed and union with other states dissolved.
5. Before the secession, several compromises could not be attained and this included; one was
the creation of the new Mexican territory and the creation of Utah Territory. The other was the
admission of California to the union as a free state or a slave state while the fourth was the
decline of bringing slaves to Colombian district for sale or transportation. The last statute...

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