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  • Select a current, open information security position and attach the job posting that describes the open position.
  • Write a resume geared for that position (it does not have to be YOUR resume) and attach to your post.

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Information security
Position: Information Security Analyst
Axa Life Insurance
Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Description of the Job
Purpose of Job
Improve the AXA Life Insurance Information Security by enhancing the execution of the
outlined action activities and plan
Reinforcing the local entity in each Information Securities connected subjects, and ensuring the
compliance with laws and regulations in the activities under his or her roles and duties.
Knowledge Area

Knowledge of the Information Security and Standards such as PCI DSS and ISO 27k

Knowledge in the Advanced Information Technology that includes Lifecycle
Development, Programming, Operation systems, Software and Hardware Databases,

Management of the IT Projects.

The Major Accountability, Duties, and Responsibilities:

Execution of the action plan of the Information Security in the IT department;

Investigation of the incidents of the Information Security;

Track and contro...

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