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Group Project Assignment Course Title: E-Business Strategies and Business Models Course Code: ECOM421 Saudi Electronic University College of Administrative and Financial Sciences ECOM421 – E-Business Strategies & Business Models 1|Page Group Project Assignment Academic Year 2022/2023, Semester (1) Submission Part 2 End of Week 10 (Saturday) 15 Marks Total Marks: 40 Questions You have just graduated from Saudi Electronic University and have been selected by a company as a Project Intern for six months of probation period. Your Marketing Manager has invited you for coffee and during your interaction with him, you come to know that your company want you to support it in growing the business. Your Marketing Manager has told you to prepare a project report and design a power-point presentation based on certain parameters. The company will decide whether to offer you full time opportunity or not based on our quality of work, efforts, out of box thinking. Kindly do this assignment with great dedication. The purpose of this assignment is to help students in learning how to apply skills and knowledge in planning, managing and nurturing a business by implementing an appropriate strategy. Students are expected to understand the ongoing recent developments at the marketplace and be able to employ various concepts of this course deliberately to boost businesses of the company where they are working/or will work. This assignment is divided into three parts and students are suggested to submit each of it as per the stated due date. Students are suggested to create a group of 3-5 students in each group to 2|Page complete this group project and join any one of the below group considering that all members of your Group 6: Bank AlBilad Note: Kindly make ensure that your group members have join a single group only. Join your group on or before the end of Week 2. Group Project Assignment Part 2 Marks: 15 1. Compare the business strategies of the company with one of its competitors (3 Marks). Select any one competitor of the company and do the comparison of their business strategies. 2. Learnings from this project (2 Marks). Write any five key learnings after finishing this project. 3. References (1 Mark). Write all the sources using APA style of referencing. In case of wrong referencing style, your group will lose 1 mark. Learn how to refer a website, article and such sources. 3|Page Group Assignment Guidelines (use this as a checklist before your submission) This is a group assignment in which each group should have members between 3 to 5 students. Any one member from each group will submit assignment over Blackboard within the stated due date. Please make ensure that you have enrolled yourself in a single group only. Kindly read the below instructions: S. No. 1 4|Page General Instructions Plagiarism is a serious offence. Any kind of plagiarism will result in a mark of 0. 2 3 4 5 6 7 • • • 8 Say No to Plagiarism. There should be no any plagiarism. Do not copy your answers neither from other students’ answer nor from internet. In case of you have visited any website for your understanding, write the sources of website/article under Reference. Include the cover page with all information required. In case of not using or not filling cover page, 1 mark will be deducted. Put a table of contents before the answer page. The use of In-text citations in case of using others’ work. Ensure that you follow the APA style in your project and references. Your assignment length should be between 500 to 1000 words in total. Proofread your work for spelling, grammar and punctuation. Your file should be saved as Word doc (No submission in PDF format) Example: Your Group Number_ECOM421_Assignment Number .doc Your Group Number_ECOM421_Assignment Number.doc Your Group Number_ECOM421_Assignment Number.pptx Formatting style elements Use 1.5 line spacing with adjusting to all paragraphs (alignment). Use the footer function to insert the page number. Use black color for your answers. Gentle reminder: As per the marking policy available on your blackboard, a deduction of 20% will be applied due to the below reasons: • Late submission • Poor structure of the assignment/If the word count is not correct, or if the assignment has multiple spelling, grammar, or punctuation issues. • Plagiarism is strictly prohibited and in case of copying answer either from internet or from any existing or previous students’ submission will attract 00/15 i.e. Zero marks. • Kindly check plagiarism before submitting the assignment. “Plagiarism is Injurious to Good Grades.” Good Luck! 5|Page Group 6: Bank AlBilad 1. Company Profile Bank Albilad is a Saudi joint stock company, headquartered in Riyadh. It was established with a Royal Decree 48/M on 21/9/1425H (corresponding to 4 November 2004) with a corporate capital of 10 billion Saudi Riyals. Bank Albilad offer you shariah compliant products and services, that are unmatched in the Kingdom. We provide solutions in multiple segments including: 1|P ag e • Retail Banking Products • Business Products • Investment Products through our investment “Albilad Capital” • International Remittance services through our Remittance “Enjaz” Their vision is to be the preferred choice of innovative Islamic banking solutions, and their mission is to leverage digital transformation, network, and human capital to deliver the highest levels of customer experience and competitive value propositions in the best interests of their clients, employees, shareholders and the communities they serve. Their Organizational structure: Shareholders/Owners Board of Directors Sharia Board Audit Committee Nomination & Remuneration Committee Executive Committe e Governance, Risk and Compliance Committee Governess, Legal & Corporate Secretary CEO Sharia Board Secretary Private Equity & Investment Banking Investment Services Internal Audit Compliance & AML CEO office Securities Services Business Development & Marketing Business Support Customer Care Operation Admin 2. Business Canvas Model of the company 2|P ag e HR Finance Risk Brokerage CTU Key Partnerships Key Activities Savings. Financial investment firms. Technology partners Value Proposition Investments Call center assistance. Low rates for clients. Loan offers with interest rates. such as internet service providers. Customer Relations Customer Segments Dedicated client assistance. Corporate businesses (deposits and withdraws). Automated systems where necessary. Channels Retailers (for deposits). Government regulatory agencies. ATMs are strategically located. Key Resources IT infrastructure. The Banks ‘call center, Social media, and direct phone calls. Financing through various types of loans. Cost structure Interest on borrowed money. Revenue streams ATMs, Brand transactions (withdraws), interest rates, bank fee income from account holders. Business management operations. 3. SWOT Analysis of the company Al Bilad Bank Strengths: 3|P ag e The strengths of Al Bilad Bank appear in the important thing components of its enterprise which offers it aggressive gain withinside the market. Some critical elements in an emblem's strengths encompass its financial position, skilled workforce, product uniqueness & intangible belongings like emblem value. Below are the Strengths withinside the SWOT Analysis of Al Bilad Bank : 1. It is one of the biggest Islamic banks in the World with general assets of USD 60 Billion2. Al Bilad is one in all best-acknowledged own circle of relatives companies with almost 60 branches throughout the oil-wealthy kingdom, a 6th of which can be committed to woman clients withinside the gender-segregated society 3. It gained the Asian banker of the yr for Retail and Corporate Banking 4. It has the most extensive retail community and occupies almost 1/2 of the retail sector’s income and has over 7500 employees 5. The bank’s reasonably-priced fee of funds, which is an outcome of its huge interestunfastened deposit base, has given it an area a number of the maximum appealing Saudi stocks Al Bilad Bank Weaknesses: The weaknesses of a logo are certain elements of its enterprise which might enhance to further boost its role. Specific weaknesses may be described as attributes that the enterprise is missing or wherein the competition is better. Here are the weaknesses withinside the Al Bilad Bank SWOT Analysis: 1. The financial institution was accused of being concerned in investment unlawful sports with the aid of using a US Senate committee, thrashing its reputation 2. Rapid credit score increase exerted immoderate strain on Al Bilad's capital position 3. Given the confined use of variable additives in compensation, expenses tend to be sticky and of low flexibility throughout the cycle. 4|P ag e Al Bilad Bank Opportunities: The possibilities for any logo can encompass regions of development to boom its business. A logo's opportunities can lie in geographic growth, product improvements, higher communique, etc. Following are the possibilities in Al Bilad Bank SWOT Analysis: 1. Strong internet earnings increase at the again of a surging economy, fuelled via way of means of excessive oil prices, which has boosted lending, deposits, and deal activity 2. Bank area lending to personal agencies in Saudi Arabia grew by 15 percent year-on-year 3. Increased retail lending may be a key driving force of Al Bilad's standard mortgage increase 4. International growth in all likelihood to strengthen revenues, the financial institution have to attempt to make more extensive its presence in foreign places markets. Al Bilad Bank Threats: The threats to any commercial enterprise may be elements that can negatively affect its commercial enterprise. Some elements like improved competitor activity, converting authorities policies, trade services or products, etc. may be threats. The threats withinside the SWOT Analysis of Al Bilad Bank are as mentioned: 1. In the beyond quarters, the opposition has improved drastically from each Islamic and traditional players2. If the bank's popularity has been to be broken as a consequence of allegations made with the aid of using the US Senate, it could decrease its ratings 3. The lending surroundings in Saudi Arabia are intensely aggressive among a small wide variety of neighborhood banks and approach that even as banks may be capable of ee-e book new assets, margins may be tight 5|P ag e 4. Core competencies of the company Core competency is defined as the skills or experiences that belong to the company and are involved in some activities and are also considered the strategic strength of the organization. Bank Albilad's strategy revolves around employing its channels and chain of branches, in addition to the expertise owned by its employees. They activate these in support of sustainable growth and enhance the source of revenue, in addition to working on achieving operational levels and establishing a culture of work dependent on performance. Innovation is an important part and factor in the bank's success factors. 5. Types of Business Model B2B: The bank works with other companies and signs many agreements, such as the Ministry of Housing, the Real Estate Development Fund, and others. These provide for mutual benefits, especially maintaining the security of customer data and preserving their rights. B2C: The bank tries to provide the highest advantages and the best offers for the customer to make this bank the best choice for this customer and preferred among other banks. C2C: Customers inform their colleagues, family, and those around them about the service they have received, and it is in the interest of the bank to maintain customer satisfaction to ensure the return and the arrival of many customers, and this is a great benefit for the bank itself if the number of people coming to it increases Social commerce: The bank promotes and publishes the offers and services it provides on networking sites, for example, Twitter, Instagram, and the success of social commerce campaigns are analyzed by the amount of interaction such as comments, tweets, and offers Local Commerce: It is used to provide the service throughout the week and at all times, for example, the fast transfer service that arrives at the same moment M-Commerce: The bank used its application to attract customers and facilitate the delivery of services to them while they are anywhere without the need to go to the branch 6|P ag e 6. Challenges faced by company during COVID-19 pandemic The pre-crisis challenges of the traditional banking business model will be exacerbated by the COVID-19 crisis. These challenges include revenue pressure, low profitability (due to lowinterest rates and high capital requirements), tighter regulation (following the previous financial crisis), and growing competition from shadow banks and new digital entrants. 7|P ag e
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Outline on ECOM 421 E-Business Strategies and Models
1. Business strategy Comparison
a. Summary on Alinma as a competitor of Al Bilad
b. Summary on the comparison of their business strategies.
2. Five key Learnings
a. Summary on any five key learnings after finishing this project.

ECOM 421 E-Business Strategies and Models



Business strategy Comparison
According to the threats section under the SWOT analysis in the first part of the project, the
lending environment in KSA is intensively aggressive among a small wide variety of banks. This
shows that Al Bilad faces stiff competition. One of the bank's main competitors is Alinma bank,
a joint stock company formed due to the royal decree number M/15 in...

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