Compare and contrast the arrangement of the flower parts in eudicot and mo...

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Understanding the Seed Plants

Compare and contrast the arrangement of the flower parts in eudicot and monocot flowers.

Nov 19th, 2017

- single cotyledon

-vascular packages unpredictably conveyed in cross segment of the stem

-parallel veins in the takes off

-blossom parts in products of three.

- absence of genuine optional development

- in root vascular packs organized in a ring

- Roots are extrinsic (=the radicle prematurely ends and new roots emerge adventitiously from hubs in the stem)


- two cotyledons

- Flower parts in products of four or five

- Major leaf veins reticulated

-Stem vascular packages in a ring

-in root vascular groups orchestrated in center of the plant

-Roots create from radicle (=In most dicots the root creates from the lower end of the developing life, from a district known as the radicle. The radicle offers ascend to an apical meristem which keeps on delivering root tissue for a great part of the vegetation's.)

-Secondary development regularly display.
Apr 27th, 2015

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Nov 19th, 2017
Nov 19th, 2017
Nov 20th, 2017
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