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Motivation and its Effect on Environment


Motivation and its Effect on Environment
Motivation is a kind of business environment where the employees’ working
environment gives them clear instructions and directions of what and how they are expected
to perform. Motivation gives employees encouragement and morale to perform tasks to their
best facilitating the use of workers’ relevant successes and experiences. Motivation does not
work only within the employees only, but it also revolves around other staff such as the
managers. Motivation creates a positive working environment influencing the work output,
since every employee have persistence of activities. Although, there are some factors that
influence motivation such as stress, that turns down the enthusiasm and motivation of the
workers. Hence, this paper will be discussing on employee motivation and how it influences a
positive working environment in an organization.
Ways to Create Motivating Work Environments in an Organization
Management of any organization should always be aware of the grievances raised up
by their employees, since in this way, they increase their motivation and work output in their
areas of work. They should also be aware of the factors/ ways that might motivate the
workers daily. It is so evidential that a motivated employee has great performances on their
job requirements (Konopaske et al., 2022). Also, it is noticeable that the employee motivation
is an organizational culture that fades within three months, which shows that the employer
has a lot of responsibilities to ensure that the workers maintain this enthusiasm for a longer
Lead with Vision
The first way to keep employees motivated is to lead as an example. Also, creating
the company’s vision will drive the efforts of workers towards a certain goal and objective.
The successes of a company lie under their vision, and setting this destination helps to

motivate the journey of the employees. Thus, it is very important for a company to have a
clear vision set to lead the whole team.
Recognizing Great Work and Reward them
Most of workers in an organization wait to know whether their employers can notice
and reward their hard work. Recognizing them does not deserve the organization only
increased self-esteem from the employees, but also it creates team morale and enthusiasm.
There should be a recognition platform in organizations to top performers and anyone with
extra performance towards the company’s values and vision. It is also important that the
manager supports the employees every time with team building activities and wellbeing
schemes and programs. There should also be anniversaries, that can even be scheduled after
every one year, or even rewarding the employees of the month, etc.
It is not necessary that the rewards must be in form of cash. It can even happen by
giving top performers a day off. The company can also create tours and hikes if the whole
team did well in that particular month. Rewarding them is a good gesture to promote job
satisfaction and motivation. Thus, if managers want to encourage their employees to work
extra miles, then they should schedule reward programs. This assures the employees their
efforts were worth of a gift, or other good acts, hence demanding to do m...

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