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Finance 460 Management in Financial Institutions Paper The overall intent of the Paper is to understand a Bank’s financial statement, its position in the market place and how the Bank compares to its piers. The Bank’s total assets should not be more than $2B. Length: 2-5 pages excluding Exhibits. Items that must be covered: • • • • • • Identify the type of Bank Which regulatory agency governs them What is the Banks focus (i.e. Commercial, deposit only …..) Calculate and show work by attaching exhibits o ROE o ROA o Net Interest Margin o Net Noninterest Margin o Net Operating Margin Show, at a minimum, two competing Bank’s financial statements for comparisons via exhibit Discuss how the Bank compares, two strength and two weaknesses, in relationship to the competing Banks (i.e. Net Interest Margin is a strength due to ….) Paper will be graded on the following criteria: • • • • All components completed Accuracy of content Format was easy to follow Analysis competent Websites that could help in both your research and bank comparison:
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Financial Analysis
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JP Morgan Chase Bank

JP Morgan Chase Bank is a multinational banking and financial service holding company with
its headquartering situated in New York, America. The bank is the largest bank in the US and
also the world’s second most valuable bank regarding its market capitalization after, China’s
Industrial and Commercial Bank which is the leading bank in such category. JP Morgan bank is
also the world’s sixth largest commercial bank regarding the total assets it owns which the
bank’s estimates to be about US$2.5 trillion. The Forbes Magazine lists JP Morgan as a major
provider of financial services not only in the USA but also across the globe and ranks it as the
fourth largest public company in the US based on its composite ranking. The JP Morgan came
into existence after the merger of Chase Manhattan Corporation and JP Morgan & Co in 2000.
JP Morgan Chase Bank has several branches both in and outside the USA with the main
regulatory agency which governs these branches being the Federal Deposit Insurance Company
(FDIC). The FDIC which refers to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation is a US
corporation which insures commercial banks against the failure of being bankruptcy. The FDIC
was purposely created in 1933 to help in maintaining public confidence in the country’s banking
sector b...

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