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Marketing Analysis

Write an analysis of a business or non-profit business’s marketing strategy.

Identify all of their owned assets: podcasts, blogs, newsletters, videos, social media, magazines. Find examples of the type of owned media the brand produces. (FAQs? Reviews? Comparisons? Insights on industry tends? News stories discussed in the context of industry? Q&As? Tools? Product samples?)

Identify all of their paid assets: sponsored posts, advertisements (radio, video, magazine, newspaper, web). Analyze the paid media: What is the brand selling? Are there references to those items in its owned media?

  1. Find examples of earned media about the brand: articles, reviews, etc. Is it positive or negative? What are the differences between how the brand presents itself and how it is seen by others?
  2. How could the brand improve its content marketing strategy? If its earned media doesn’t align with its owned/paid media, what could be done differently? If there is a lot of paid media, how could it boost its earned media? Does the brand need more owned media so that people don't always feel like they’re being sold to?

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12 February 2012
TripAdvisor Marketing Strategy
Trip Advisor is an established American travel company widely known by travelers
worldwide through its major online operation platform. It has a website and a mobile app where
its operations are conducted. It operates based on its customer's needs and reviews that travelers
communicate through its website, giving it a competitive advantage over other firms as most
travelers prefer to use them. Over the years, Trip Advisors have expanded their operations from
the United States into thirty-four other countries globally and advanced their basic activities
beyond travel-related content. Trip Advisors have developed a podcast that has gained worldwide
due to its content related to customer reviews, travel hotel stories, internationalists, the Influencer
industry, sports, and stouts, among other discussions held on the podcasts that listeners seem to be
interested in. Their blog site is an official public site that anyone can review at any time. It contains
detailed evaluations and assessments of various world hotels, famous world attraction sites, best
cultural experiences, restaurant reviews, and photos of various places. It also gives an insight into
their unique content like bookings, a detailed evaluation of a ce...

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