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Henry Murray felt that in addition to our physiological needs, human beings have many emotional and psychological needs.

  1. Identify and describe three of Murray's needs.
  2. Explain how these needs help to explain an individual’s personality and behaviors.


Develop a treatment plan for a client who is struggling with the issue/problems resulting from not developing trust (from the Trust vs. Mistrust stage in Erikson’s theory of personality development). Be sure to use techniques and goals Erikson would use.


After reading Chapter 13, summarize how each element; culture, religion, and ethnicity impacts our personality development. Explain why this information is important to include in any treatment plans you develop.

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Murray`s Three Needs
Ambition needs
These are the needs for achieving and gaining recognition. The need for achievement is shown
by being successful, overcoming challenges and achieving goals. Once a person is successful,
he/she earns recognition.
Materialistic needs
Materialistic needs involve acquiring things; this includes buying of commodities that we
admire. In other instances, the needs drive us to be creative (Schultz, Duane, Sydney Ellen
Schultz, 2016). Worldly needs revolve around retaining, construction, order, and acquiring.
This is the need to rule others and gain control over them. Murray believes that freedom was a
great necessity that involved the desire for independence and resistance.
Each need is significant, and Murray believes that these needs are related to one another, the
demands can als...

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