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Why do we say that computer languages have evolved?The evolution of program and source coding, computer
languages,is due to the advancements and complexities of algorithmic equations
and mathematical theories. The first computer language was designed to
communicate instructions with the advent of Fortran and German Z3, however,
from the early 1940’s to the present day, there are currently more than 2000
different languages to accommodate every platform from televisions to PDA’s (Leibson,
2006, pp. 26-27).

What is the Software Development Life Cycle?
SDLC consist of seven distinct phases and includes Planning,
Analysis, Design, Language Development, Testing and Integration, Prelease/Training,
and Support (BIll Ballad, 2011, pp. 321-323).

What are two features of a good program? The main goal
in any program should be to minimize complexity and the ease of maintenance.

What is a programming methodology? It is the basic frameworks that encompasses structuring,
planning, and contorting of the process.

How is structured programming different from object oriented programming? Structured programming is hierarchy organized while OOP
focus is on thinking about the problem to be solved in terms of real-world
elements with a specific target or object.

What are the similarities and differences between procedures and objects? 

Procedural programmingis concerned with defining a linear
procedure or sequence of programming, 
whereas, Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) paradigm is concerned with
modeling problems in terms of entities called objects that have attributes and
behaviors. Similarities include Top/Bottom Programming, and structural

What is an example of software that would be best implemented in procedural programming?

Linux Kernels, Apache Servers and Quake III Arena, yet,
dependent on the chosen OS.

What is an example of software that would be best implemented in object-oriented programming?

Java, C, and PHP are some common languages that are used for
object oriented programming (Nirosh, 2014)

Describe the top-down approach to algorithm writing.

Also referred to as “Divide and Conquer Strategy”, this
process is designed to take large volumes of data programming and separates it
into smaller sub-problems.

How is pseudo-code used to assist in writing an algorithm?

Pseudo code describes how you would implement an algorithm
without getting into syntactical details. Pseudo code is a kind of structured
English for describing algorithms. It allows the designer to focus on the logic
of the algorithm without being distracted by details of language syntax.

Why spaghetti code is considered a problem? 

Over the life cycle of the code and as extensions are added,
continued languages become intertwined causing unstructured branching.

What are the three control structures that are the basis for writing a program?

Selection, Iteration, and Sequence are three commonly used
control structures.

Explain what is meant by a modular approach to programming.

It is the process of breaking down a problem into smaller
more manageable functions and tasks.

Why is this approach important?

Is allows for distributed development during the designing phase, provides code reusability, and more readable programs.

What is sequential flow of a program?

The initiation of a request within a program that will facilitate instructions from top down.

What is branching within a program?

When a program is requesting one of two, perhaps more, request within the algorithm.

How is branching controlled?

Branching allows the execution to jump to different parts of
the program, thus, controlling it can be achieved by implementing breaks,
continues, and goto’s within the coding.

What is the role of an “if statement” in control structures?

The” if statement” is used to check a condition and if the
conditions is true

What are the similarities and differences between single alternative structures, dual alternative structures, and case structures?

The basic similarities is that each option provide an
alternative function or block based upon their statements. Difference include
elevated alternatives. 

Provide an example of one of the three control structures using pseudo code. Try to provide an example that has not already been posted. *

Selection Structure using Pseudocode If condition is true then, 
perform these tasks,  End If,  Perform these tasks,  whether condition is true,  or false,If condition is true then ,  perform these tasks,  Else , perform these tasks,  End If

What is object-oriented programming?

An object is a software bundle of related state and behavior
which is often used to model the real-world objects and explains how state and
behavior are represented within an object.

What are the differences between a class and an object?

A class defines object properties including a valid range of
values, and a default value. A class also describes object behavior. An object
is a member or an "instance" of a class. An object has a state in
which all of its properties have values that you either explicitly define or
that are defined by default settings.

How is event defined as it relates to object-oriented programming?

An event occurs when an object sends a signal that an action
has taken place. Relating to OOP can define events within the class definition;
however, no functional code is associated with the event. Functional code is
handled by the event receive once it receives it notification.

A regional drug company is keeping track of a particular generic drug and its brand name alternative. Because this data is collected for only 15 days and the sales are rare, the IT department does not want to enter the data into its database. The data must include the following:
o Generic or brand name sold o Amount sold
Can an array or parallel array structure be
used to store this information?


What data types would be used in the structure to store this information?

Union type structure would be sufficient as there is limited amount of data to attribute to this object.

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