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1.  What is a Smart Grid? How can smart grids be useful? 

2.  What are some privacy concerns related to Smart Cars?

3.  What is the importance of electronic medical records? Are there any major drawbacks to the technology?

4.  What are some major tips for going green from a Green IT perspective?

5.  Discus some major privacy issues related to smart city public safety and surveillance. 

6. One of the major themes of major countries’ healthcare is the embracing of data and information in order to transform health and care.  Discus how this theme can be used to make this transformation

7.  What are some specific initiatives that have been implemented in regards to smarter city public safety? 

8.  What are some major causes for pollution and e-waste for cities and businesses?

9.  What are several major innovative educational technologies?

10.  What is the role of data mining regarding educational systems of the future?

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