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Interview Regarding a Healthcare Policy or Assessment

Financing healthcare is one of the greatest priorities for the healthcare system in Saudi Arabia. While policymakers agree that more Saudi nationals need health insurance coverage, the debate often revolves around how it should be financed. Identify a healthcare professional who works primarily in the area of finance (e.g., Chief Financial Officer, Controller, etc.) and a specific policy that addresses the financial aspect of delivering healthcare. Contact the individual to conduct an interview about the policy.

Based on what you learned this week, be sure to include the following information in your interview:

Identify      the interviewee, including their job title, place of employment, location,      and how long they have been in the area of finance.

The      goals and objectives of your interview.

Description      of the finance policy.

What      were some of the benefits of the policy?

  • What      are the challenges of meeting the requirements outlined in the policy?

What      can be done to improve the effectiveness of the policy?

  • Here are some suggested questions:

What      are the mission and vision statements for your organization?

  • How do      these mission and vision statements assist in helping your organization      focus on healthy living promotions?

How      are the daily operations for your organization meeting policy? What are      some of the areas that may lead to improvement regarding any policy      updates?

  • What      are some of the challenges that you are currently experiencing with your      policy revisions?

What      are some of the benefits your policy is providing to patients or clients?

  • What      are some of the recommendations that you may have regarding policy      improvement both internally and externally?

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Healthcare Financing

Institution Affiliation

Healthcare Financing
The Healthcare system plays a vital role in the health and well-being of people
worldwide. It facilitates the economic growth and developmental role of any country. Alharbi
(2018) outlines that healthy people translate to a healthy economy. It is the role of every
government to deliver quality, affordable, and accessible healthcare to its citizens as well as noncitizens, such as immigrant workers or visitors. However, the issue of health financing becomes
a challenging aspect of the delivery of quality and accessible health to citizens. According to the
UN, healthcare financing is the fundamental function of the health system, facilitating progress
towards universal health coverage through improving effective care coverage and financial
protection (World Health Organization. n.d.). An effective healthcare system allows all people,
regardless of their social or economic status, race, country of origin, gender, or any other
demographic characteristics, access quality care. Moreover, it should cushion the insured from
financial extortions from the insurers. Most people are forced to pay higher premiums and outof-pocket, yet they receive coverage from these insurance companies. According to the Saudi
Arabian government, one of the greatest priorities of its healthcare system is financing healthcare
and expanding the health coverage of Saudis people, including those living and working in the
country. While the policymakers agree on the need to expand healthcare coverage, the debate of
how healthcare expansion coverage should be financed emerges. Some view that this
government initiative would be costly to achieve. Therefore, this paper will summarize the Ali
Emara, Chief Financial Officer of Addar Group Companies, interview, and his view on the
recent government healthcare policy ensuring all immigrant and Saudi workers.
Information About The Interviewee

The interviewee selected in the case is Mr. Ali Emara, currently the CEO of the Addar
Group Companies, whose headquarters are based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and was previously
the director of finance at Ujrahold. Ali started working in 1990 as a junior employee. Since then,
he has only changed 2 companies and 2 jobs. In total, he has an experience of about 32 years in
the finance sector. Similarly, he has worked as a CFO at Addar Group for over 10 years.
According to Ali, he began his career as a financial controller at the Central Auditing
Organization, where he worked from May 1990 to April 2000. He moved to ...

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