Please use the following textbook: Plato, Five Dialogues. Hackett, 2nd ed., 2002

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Please use the following textbook: Plato, Five Dialogues. Hackett, 2nd ed., 2002. ISBN: 9780872206335

Write a 750-word paper responding to the topic below.

Euthyphro attempts to justify his actions by resorting to his religious knowledge and belief. Socrates argues that such a justification is misguided. At 11e –12d of the Euthyphro, Socrates gets Euthyphro to agree that piety is a part of justice. Using an evaluation of the various alternative descriptions of the relationship between justice and piety, clearly explain why this must be the proper relationship between justice and piety. (You must discuss the Venn diagrams). Then consider how ONE of the following passages serves to support the conclusion of the Venn diagrams: 10a-11b (Euthyphro’s Dilemma) or 8c-9a (The Wrongdoer Passage).

Your analysis of Plato should not provide a summary of the various definitions that Euthyphro gives to define piety that Socrates invalidates.

To respond to this assignment adequately you must use textual references. You must have atleast 3 quotes from Plato.

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