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A cylindrical water tank has a radius of 7m. About how high must it be filled to hold 350.0m^3? Please round to two decimal places. 

Apr 29th, 2015

volume of cylinder = π r^2 h

    where r = radius ,h = height ,π = 3.14


to hold 350.0m^3 volume should be 350.0m^3

substituting in equation

350.0m^3   =    π 7^2 h

 h=  350.0 / 49 π

   = 350 /154

   = 2.272

     = 2.72 m.............................

so it should have a height of 2.72 m inorder to hold 350.0m^3


    2.72 m


hope you understood..please mesage if you have any doubts,,,thank you

Apr 29th, 2015

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Apr 29th, 2015
Apr 29th, 2015
Nov 20th, 2017
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