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Select the letter of the choice that identifies the function of the word

    or phrase in quotes in the following sentence:

    Minerals in the hollow part of a geode "can include" quartz, gypsum, or

    even amethyst.

    a. simple subject

    b. simple predicate

    c. complete subject

    d. complete predicate

Apr 29th, 2015

The complete subject consists of all the words that tell whom or what a sentence is about.

he simple predicate, or verb, is the main word or word group that tells something about

the subject.

simple subject is the main word or word group that tells whom or what the sentence is about.

minerals > simple subject

in the hollow part > complete>  subject

Can include> simple predicate

Quartz gypsum or even amethyst> complete predicate


can include>simple predicate[verb ]

Apr 29th, 2015

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Apr 29th, 2015
Apr 29th, 2015
Nov 17th, 2017
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