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Your client is very excited about some of the research that you have already done on repositioning the company’s brand. You have been asked to prepare another presentation to show your progress on repositioning the brand in the marketing plan using 2 specific research tools. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation of 6–8 slides, with 100–150 words of explanation per slide, illustrating how these tools can help reposition your selected product. •Slide 1: Company and product overview. Use already-researched information from previous client presentations to briefly describe your client’s company and product. •Slide 2: SWOT analysis. Perform a SWOT analysis on your company and brand including at least one statement under each of the headings of the SWOT grid. •Slides 3/4: Brand assets. Visit: this Web site to find out how to use the BAV tool to determine your brand’s personality. Based on your findings related to the SWOT analysis, use BAV to explore your brand’s value in the marketplace. Include the following four pillars: ◦Differentiation: Explain one way that you will differentiate your brand over the competition. ◦Relevance: Explain one way that your brand is relevant to its customers. ◦Esteem: Explain how well your brand is liked or held in high regard by your customers. ◦Knowledge: Explain how well your customers understand what the brand stands for. •Slide 5: Brand personality. Using the Brand Asset Archetypes as outlined in the Web site above, explain which personality of the 12 archetypes fits your brand and why. The adjectives in the archetypes help explain the brand’s personality. •Slide 6: Brand recommended positioning strategy. Based on your brand’s personality determined from the four pillars, add a recommendation for a brand positioning strategy and how you think the brand should grow in the future.

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