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11/11/2017 import numpy as np import random # # # # # ------------------------------------------------CSCI 127, Lab 11 November 14, 2017 Your Name ------------------------------------------------- class Die: def __init__(self, sides): """A constructor method to create a die""" self.sides = sides def roll(self): """A general method to roll the die""" return random.randint(1, self.sides) # ------------------------------------------------class Yahtzee: def __init__(self): """A constructor method that can record 5 dice rolls""" self.rolls = np.zeros(5, dtype=np.int16) def roll_dice(self): """A general method that rolls 5 dice""" for i in range(len(self.rolls)): self.rolls[i] = Die(6).roll() def count_outcomes(self): """A helper method that determines how many 1s, 2s, etc. were rolled""" counts = np.zeros(7, dtype=np.int16) for roll in self.rolls: counts[roll] += 1 return counts # ------------------------------------------------def main(how_many): yahtzees = 0 full_houses = 0 large_straights = 0 game = Yahtzee() for i in range(how_many): game.roll_dice() if game.is_it_yahtzee(): yahtzees += 1 elif game.is_it_full_house(): full_houses += 1 elif game.is_it_large_straight(): large_straights += 1 print("Number of Rolls:", how_many) print("---------------------") print("Number of Yahtzees:", yahtzees) print("Yahtzee Percent:", "{:.2f}%\n".format(yahtzees * 100 / how_many)) print("Number of Full Houses:", full_houses) print("Full House Percent:", "{:.2f}%\n".format(full_houses * 100 / how_many)) print("Number of Large Straights:", large_straights) 1/2 11/11/2017 print("Large Straight Percent:", "{:.2f}%".format(large_straights * 100 / how_many)) # ------------------------------------------------main(5000) 2/2 11/11/2017 CSCI 127, In-Lab 11 Lab 11: NumPy arrays Logistics Due: Tuesday, November 14th no later than midnight. Partner Information: Complete this assignment individually. Submission Instructions: Upload your solution, named to the BrightSpace Lab 11 Dropbox. Deadline Reminder: Once this deadline passes, BrightSpace will no longer accept your Python submission and you will no longer be able to earn credit. Thus, if you are not able to fully complete the assignment, submit whatever you have before the deadline so that partial credit can be earned. Learning Outcomes Gain experience using NumPy arrays to solve problems. Background In the game of Yahtzee, five six-sided dice are rolled. For this assignment, you will simulate a simplified version of Yahtzee. In this simplified version of Yahtzee, a yahtzee occurs when all five dice show the same number (for example, 3-3-3-3-3). In this simplified version of Yahtzee, a full house occurs when three dice show one number and two dice show another (for example, 4-4-2-4-2). In this simplified version of Yahtzee, a large straight occurs when the five numbers can be arranged consecutively from either 1 thru 5 or from 2 thru 6 (for example, 1-3-4-2-5 or 5-2-4-6-3). Assignment Download, rename it according to the instructions above, and make sure you understand it. Take the program above and modify it by adding the missing methods such that when the program is run, it might produce this output. Do not change any of the existing Python code. Grading - 10 points 3 points - Yahtzees are identified correctly. 3 points - Full houses are identified correctly. 4 points - Large straights are identified correctly. If Time Remains Work on Program 5, seeking feedback from your lab assistant if desired. 1/1 11/11/2017 Number of Rolls: 5000 --------------------Number of Yahtzees: 1 Yahtzee Percent: 0.02% Number of Full Houses: 202 Full House Percent: 4.04% Number of Large Straights: 144 Large Straight Percent: 2.88% 1/1
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