ERD form converted into 3 databases.

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Attached below is the word doc with the ERD Need this in 6 hours for $50.

Your supervisor wants to know if you understand how to normalize database models. Your supervisor requested that you create a first normal form logical database model from the ER diagram from the Unit 1 Individual Project. You must also include an explanation for why you made the changes from the original database using the first normal form rules.

You are then to create a second normal form logical database model and explain why you made the changes from the first normal form database using the second normal form rules.

Then, create a third normal form logical database model. Explain why you made the changes from the second normal form database using the third normal form rules.

Assignment Guidelines

Create 3 different databases from the Unit 1 Individual Project ER diagram: one in 1NF, the second in 2NF, and the third in 3NF.Provide explanations for how you got from the ER diagram to the first database and then from each database to the next.Compile the 3 databases along with the explanations into a single Word document.

Your submitted assignment (125 points) must include the following:

A Word document that contains your 1NF, 2NF, and 3NF database tables derived from the ER diagram of the Unit 1 Individual Project.Include explanations for each database summarizing the steps you took to convert the database into the appropriate normal form.


You will be graded on how accurate your databases are to the first, second, and third normal forms. You will also be graded on your demonstrated understanding of how to convert a database into a specific normal form.

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