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During this course we have covered the technical and regulatory safety aspects of pharmaceutical products. We explored premarket testing and development, recognition of safety signals, post-approval, drug production, risk administration, and administration of pharmaceuticals. Throughout the class you have had opportunities to apply the material covered through participation in discussion boards, assignments, projects and exams. This reflection exercise is an opportunity to explore what you have learned and applied and what it means to you in a professional capacity. Write a reflective essay discussing at least one of the challenges that has been identified during this course regarding drug safety and regulation, and how you could expand upon and use the material from this course to address that challenge in your future career.

Some topics you might want to include are:

Safety analysis and risk-benefit ratio.

Risk mitigation

  • Conflicts associated with the marketing of pharmaceuticals
  • Issues related to globalization of pharmaceutical testing and marketing

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Conflicts Associated with marketing of Pharmaceutical

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Pharmaceutical companies face increasing pressure to develop new and improved
products to address the growing demand for drugs to treat various illnesses. The market for these
products has grown rapidly in recent years, and the competition for market share has become
fierce. Consequently, these companies have become increasingly willing to use aggressive
marketing strategies to promote their products and increase their profits (Hadland et al., 2019).
However, this has led to increased incidents of patient harm and unethical business practices by
pharmaceutical companies. To maintain ethical standards and ensure public confidence in the
industry, companies must practice ethical conduct in all their dealings with customers, suppliers
and the general public.

The marketing of pharmaceuticals is a highly complex and controversial process. Several
conflicts can arise as manufacturers seek to maximize profits and convince patients and doctors
to prefer their products over their competitors. Issues such as conflicts of interest, excessive drug
promotion, and marketing to children can cause significant harm to consumers, in some cases
even resulting in fatalities (Hadland et al., 2019). New regulations have been implemented for
many of these issues to reduce the prevalence of these problems. Despite these efforts, however,
instances of unethical behavior on the part of pharmaceutical companies are reportedly on the
rise. In 2...

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