How to toboacco is bad for you

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A 5 minuets presentation about how toboacco is bad you. The outline must be followed and I will attach the grading sheet so you can see on what we will earn points. ( if you can’t open the outline for any reason let me so I upload it again) thank yo

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1 YOUR NAME ASSIGNMENT TEACHER DATE TOPIC: SPECIFIC PURPOSE: THESIS: I. Introduction A. ATTENTION GETTER: *bold all of these titles B. REASON TO LISTEN: *Think about why your specific audience should care C. THESIS STATEMENT: *Make sure this is elaborate enough! D. PREVIEW OF MAIN POINTS 1. First I will… *Remember, cookie cutter 2. Second I will… *Remember, cookie cutter 3. Finally I will… *Remember, cookie cutter II. COPY AND PASTE YOUR THESIS HERE AGAIN *bold A. FIRST MAIN POINT *Remember, every big A must have a big B 1. SUPPORT *Remember every 1 must have a 2 a. Support for the support if you need it b. *Not every little a needs a little b 2. SUPPORT 2 Transition: *this should be aligned with your name, date, ect. and if the sentence goes longer than one line, the second line must be indented with the beginning of this sentence. B. SECOND MAIN POINT 1. SUPPORT 2. SUPPORT Transition: *Also, your transitions should be cookie cutter! “Now that I have discussed this, I will describe this…” C. THIRD MAIN POINT 1. SUPPORT 2. SUPPORT III. CONCLUSION A. REVIEW OF MAIN POINTS: 1. First I discussed…*PAST TENSE 2. Next I talked about…*PAST TENSE 3. Finally, I covered...*PAST TENSE B. RESTATE THESIS: C. CLOSURE: *Make this memorable otherwise you will lose points! *DOUBLE SPACE *TIMES NEW ROMAN 12PT FONT *SPELL CHECK *GRAMMAR CHECK *PRINT IN ONLY BLACK INK 3 * PAGE NUMBERS IN UPPER RIGHT HAND CORNER *ALSO THIS IS ALL IN YOUR BOOK! Informative Speech (100 Points) Weak = 1 points Strong = 5 points Competent = 3 points *View comment sheet attached Introduction 15 75 Attention Grabber-- Credibility Statement-- Preview of Main Points-- Thesis-- 15 15 Body /5 15 Argument Development: Were the main points clear? -- Did the main points make sense? Supporting Material -- 15 Five Source Citations? 15 Credible sources? 15 Organization-- 15 Conclusion 15 -- Review of Main Points Closing-- 75 Delivery /5 /5 Eye contact Extemporaneous Voice Kinesics -- - 15 15 Time Limit -- Video Practice _/10 (-1 point for every 15 seconds under/over) /10 TOTAL: / 100
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Girls before a Mirror
Girl Before a Mirror is an artwork that talks about self-reflection. How individuals see themselves
versus how others perceive them. The painting is to portray a reflective girl with insecurities who
is always different in light and darkness. Thus, her reflection is seemingly distorted as she does
not see herself for who she is in reality (Pablo 304). In Girls Before a Mirror Pablo Picassos uses
a lot of examples of Principles of Organization and Visual Elements of Art such as balance, color,
shape, line, unity repetition, and rhythm.
The painter employs simple lines and shapes to depict the body of the woman. He
successful portray both her frontally and in side profile as she peers into a mirror that reflects a
woman she is not. The articles are directed by plenty of oval shapes which are geometrical. For
example, the painting of stomach, elbow, breasts, head and hips all drawn in oval shapes. The
girl’s body curves which is round and full portrays a sense of porn. Thus, the beauty of a women
is re...

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