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i need a ppt about samsung just 8 slides which contain the company background and the

Economic Results of Globalization and Social Transformations of Globalization. add pictures and a short video to make it interesting, follow the EmiratesAirline ppt and the outline please.

Students will present an oral presentation and power-point presentation paper on their topic of choice (case study) with an APA style References page of sources (3 sources minimum).

The presentation will examine an issue or example of globalization and its appearance in the Gulf or the UAE (glocalisation, for example: McArabia). Or, students may also choose to explore how Gulf Arab culture or UAE culture is found or present in a globalized world (local that is going global, for example: Emirates Airlines). Students may incorporate photography, video, or other multimedia, to supplement their findings. You will provide a personal reflection and critical opinion about your observations and analysis.

Suggested topics or themes that you might explore include the following:

· In what ways may globalization be recognized or found in the Gulf and in UAE cities, business, social and cultural change, language, media, or the environment? Or,

· In what ways is Gulf Arab or UAE culture found to be present in a globalized world?

· Types of globalization illustrated by your case study (minimum of TWO)

Use a minimum of THREE references in APA style with a reference page.

Complete a draft of your assessment (PPT) and show your instructor before completing this assessment to ensure that you are fulfilling the requirements of this assessment and obtain instructor approval on your topic for case study.

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Emirates Airlines CASE STUDY 1 Emirates Airlines WEBSITE AND COMMERCIAL LOGO ▪https://www.emirates.com/ae/english/ ▪https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yz_qZ QbiZuA 2 How many types of globalization can be accounted for? ▪Social ▪Cultural ▪Economic ▪Cultural – branding, how is Emirati service advertized (5 star luxury) – describe these elements from the commercial ▪Social – migration, social media, social movements (each of these needs to be defined and explained) ▪Economic – profits, jobs, tourist spin offs for Dubai(statistics, hubs in other cities, government reports) ▪Political – aid and infrastructure from the UAE (airport, hubs, legislation to support the industry) ▪Political ▪Environmental ▪Environmental – pollution from airplanes, how Emirates tries to reduce this? (carbon footprint) 3 Cultural Globalization • Dubai is branded as a luxury lifestyle destination with 7 star hotels – Emirates Airlines portrays this luxury branding • Arabic food is served on Emirates Airlines to give passengers a taste of Arabia • The design and style of the logo includes Arabic script above the name in English • Jennifer Anniston and her celebrity endorsement attempt to convey how Emirates Airlines accommodates the celebrity lifestyle in even Economy class 4 Social Globalization • Travel and migration that flying accords is part of social globalization • The employees of Emirates come from everywhere on the globe to work for the airline, and live in hubs like Dubai • Social media accounts of Emirates (Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter) – Emirates becomes the world’s first airline with one million Instagram followers and launches the world’s first interactive amenity kit in Economy Class (Emirates Airlines 2017) • Social movements – Anti-Slavery and Global Human Trafficking campaign (Emirates Airlines 2017) 5 Political Globalization • The UAE has provided the infrastructure needed for Emirates Airlines in terms of the new airports that Emirates utilizes – Terminal 3 is solely for this airline • Trade deals with other countries are also made to ensure to increase the global brand promotion of this airlines. One example is the 3 year dispute with the Canadian government– Canadian visas become extremely expensive to the UAE (one month visa for Canadians $250USD) (Al Jazeera 2013) Canadians don’t require a tourist visa in 2017 6 Economic Globalization 2016 • Emirates is named the World’s Best Airline and receives 12th consecutive award for best Inflight Entertainment at Skytrax World Airline Awards 2016. • Emirates opens new SkyPharma facility at Dubai International airport, dedicated exclusively to the secure transport of pharmaceuticals. • Emirates Skywards celebrates 16 years of operation with 16 million members. • Emirates airline connects over 145 cities to Dubai and to each other, facilitating trade and tourism flows across six continents; while dnata provides ground handling, catering, cargo and travel services not only in Dubai, but across 90 cities, in 38 countries on five continents. • Emirates brand value grows 17% to reach US$7.7 billion. (Emirates Airlines 2017) 7 Environment and Globalization • Sustainability and Recycling program • Carbon offsetting program • Conservation projects in the UAE • Efficiency and technology to reduce emissions (Emirates Airlines 2017) 8 References Al Jazeera Corporation. (2013, April 4). UAE and Canada end row over aviation rights. Retrieved May 22, 2017, from http://www.aljazeera.com/news/middleeast/2013/04/20134311339927893.html Emirates Airlines. (n.d.). Our Company | About Emirates. Retrieved May 22, 2017, from https://www.emirates.com/ae/english/about/ Emirates Airlines. (2016, October 05). Jennifer Aniston TV commercial | A380 | Emirates Airline. Retrieved May 22, 2017, from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yz_qZQbiZuA 9 10
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Samsung Presentation Outline
Has 8 slides which contain:
1. Company background
2. Economic Results of Globalization
3. Social Transformations of Globalization
Added pictures and a short video to make it interesting,
Followed the Emirates Airline ppt and the outline.
Used a minimum of THREE references in APA style with a reference page.

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