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Select a hazard described in chapters three and four that interests you. Use internet media search engines (news.google.com) or disaster websites (e.g., www.reliefweb.int) to find a recent example of a disaster caused by this hazard.

Write a 1-page paper addressing the following:

  • The type of hazard
  • The country where the disaster occurred
  • The consequences of the event
  • The cause of the event (e.g., excessive rainfall caused the flood; an earthquake caused the landslide)
  • Any secondary disasters that occurred because of the event
  • Was any warning possible? Was a warning issued?
  • Any interesting facts about the event
  • A URL that provides a link to more information about the disaster
  • Please use earthquakes as the hazard

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Hazard Analysis
The type of hazard is earthquakes, and in this text, I will discuss the Philippines
earthquake which occurred on 10th February 2017, at around 10 pm. It was caused by movement
of the Philippine fault that sits in the Pacific ring of fire where most quakes and volcanoes are
experienced. ("Powerful Philippines Earthquake Kills At Least Eight"). This earthquake had a
6.7 magnitude with a depth of about 10km and an epicenter located near Surigao city, and hence
a state of calamity was declared. ("Disasters")
This disastrous earthquake was so dire and had very destructive and catastrophic
consequences. An issue by National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council stated
that on the day of the quake, eight people lost their lives and two hundred and two others were
injured. More than three thousand families were reported to be displaced and hence were staying
in open fields in their home areas, others in tents and others were hoisted by their family
members whose ...

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