Functions of nonverbal communication

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Respond to four questions to illustrate your knowledge of the functions of nonverbal communication, gender and communication, biased language, and computer mediated communication

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Short Answer Assignment

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Date: ____________

Answer the following four questions using 250 to 300 words for each response. Each
question is worth 1.25 points, and there is additional scoring for proper grammar and
citations for a total of 7.5 points. You must use course material to support your work, with
full APA citations, to earn the most points. You will score few to no points for not using
course material. Be sure to include a reference list at the end. Finally, don’t forget to
ensure you’ve covered ALL ELEMENTS of each question.


Describe one of the following functions of nonverbal communication from Bevan and

Sole (Section 4.2).


Managing your impressions and identities


Managing and interpreting your relationships


Regulating the flow of interactions


Engaging in and detecting messages of emotion, influence, and deception

Then, share an example that illustrates how this function is demonstrated in a hypothetical
communication exchange. (Remember, this should be no more than 250 words)

Managing your impressions and identities

Impression management is the overt and unconscious cues an individual deploys to
influence the other person or person perceive them during communication, be it written or
verbal. These include the way individual dresses, how they speak and the use of gestures (Knapp,
2002). The impression creates the individual's identity to whoever is being communicated to. In
any kind of communication whether verbal or written, one needs to be professional although
professional here does not mean being official because people belong to different professions.
When communicating, one gets the opportunity to either improve...

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