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I have attached the chapter that need to be read( you will be reading it any way to work on the other Assignemnt )… check the chapter and then do the following

Pick two short passages from the readings that you find especially important, relevant, troubling or

confusing. Then post that (include a citation) and a short justification on the discussion board. Do not just ask for a definition, or say you were surprised, puzzled, etc.

each point should be in separate paragraph.

We’ll use those items to organize discussion.

Include two different cited quotes from the reading. Each in one paragraph.

Make an argument or counterargument, or pose a detailed question. Do not simply agree or disagree.

Write at least 150 words in each post.

Use proper spelling, punctuation and grammar.

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Chapter 32, page 413 paragraph 2
The postulation that Individualistic values and small power distance go together holds a
certain degree of truth. This is clearly demonstrated in the nations and cultures that the text
choses to exemplify this interrelation. The theory starts of in the beginning by grouping
individualistic and collectivi...

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