Women in Science and Engineering

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Check the attached document and choose one of the 4 topics listed. Follow the direction provided at the bottom.

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For your final paper choose one of the following topics: 1. Write an essay about why are so few women becoming scientists and engineers? “Women have made tremendous progress in education and the workplace during the past 50 years. Although in some areas such as business, law, and medicine, women have made impressive gains, why are so few women becoming scientists and engineers? There are many factors that you can discuss. Below you will find some example subjects to discuss: You can analyze the effects of social norm and legal system. Which kind of science jobs are women more likely to be found in? What can be said about women’s academic achievement in science & engineering? How do women in science compare to men in terms of salary & compensation? How does the status of women in science differ from culture to culture? What strategies do you recommend that can improve women's prospect in work environment or open a path for future opportunities in your selected field of interest. 2. Write an essay reviewing what role have women played in the development of Science/ Engineering and technology. How has technological change affected the roles of women and ideas of gender? 3. Assess the status of women scientist, engineer & technology in U.S. Analyze the effects of the legal system, social norms on participation of women in this field. This could include numbers, comparison of men and women employed in these fields, wage gap between men and women, challenges and opportunities that woman in these area faces today as their plan their careers. You may also emphasize special area of concern related to MSET. At the end recommend some strategies that can improve women's prospect in work environment as well as opening a path for future opportunities in your selected country. 4. Write an essay reviewing how women scientists are doing in another country. This could include numbers, comparison of their employment, wages gap between men and women, challenges, barriers, opportunities that women in your selected country faces today, effects of legal system/social norms, or it may emphasize special areas of concern. Follow following guidelines: Your report should be neat, free of grammatical errors and easy to follow. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Your paper should be 9-10 pages long (cover page and works cited included), double- spaced using Time New Romans font size 12. You can use course readings/Power point slides. You must reference at least six resources. Adding statistical information may help in supporting your argument. Your header should include the title and author at top of the first page. Your paper should include an introduction and have an end with conclusion section. Appropriate figures and tables could be included. Submit your paper in MS Word, or PDF only. ...
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Women in Science and Engineering

Topic Two: Essay on the role played by women in the development of Science/Engineering and
technology and the how the technological change has affected the role of women and gender
Globalization An era has brought forth rapid technological change and development which has
altered individual’s lives in the long run. Technology and Science plays a significant role in the
societies today. Different governments in both developing and developed countries acknowledge
the significance of the establishment of Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) sphere
(Abraham & Brian, 97-1104). In this type of setting, the role of women and men has changed
drastically in the present society. Currently, in the entire world, women have marched forward to
take an active part to demonstrate their capabilities and skills in the production industries,
community management, natural resources management among other roles in Science and
Engineering. Therefore, over the years, women have occupied different positions in the world in
the professionalism arena (Abraham & Brian, 97-1104). Research has disclosed that a large
percentage of women work in the medical industry. Also, the growing areas in technological
advancements have brought forth a big gap between genders since women and men still don’t

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have equal positions in the society. However, many specialists have always believed that true
development and progress can never be achieved without active participation of women in
technology, Science and Engineering processes. A study conducted by UNESCO discloses that
one hundred and twenty-one countries have twenty-nine percent of women researchers and there
exist significant disparities between these countries. It found that Asia has eighteen percent of
female researchers while Japan and India have thirteen percent. Africa and South Korea have
thirty-three and fifteen percent of women researchers respectively (UNESCO, 2009). These
statistics disclose that there is a low participation of women in the field of research and gender
inequality is still a factor to further consideration. However, over the years women have proved
capable of bringing forth technological advancements. This is shown by different examples of
women who have provided great input in the development of STI, although these women have
never been recognized. Moreover, it is difficult to overestimate women’s role in the Science and
technological development since many SET industries are occupied by men (Abraham & Brian,
97-1104). Many women have played vital roles in the development of SET industry but have
never been recognized. For instance, a woman like Ada Bryon King, the daughter to the
prominent Lord Bryon was the first computer programmer and a re-known mathematician, but
little or no history has been recorded about her role in Science and Technology (Autor, Levy &
Murnane, 1279-1333). Although great disparity exists between gender roles due to technological
advances, it has not hindered women’s role and the participation in SET. Therefore, there is
significant evidence that acknowledges the role of women in the development of SET despite the
fact that technological advancement has impacted on the role of women and some of the gender
ideas in the society.

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Role of the women in development of SET
Over the years the women have made immense contributions in...

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