i need to know how to draw and interpret control charts

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How do you draw control charts using microsoft excel?

May 4th, 2015

Enter the heading labels "Range," "Number," "Data," "Lower," "Upper" and "Average" in cells A1 through F1, respectively.

Enter your measured data in column C, starting with cell C2. There should be no gaps in the data.

Enter "1" (without quotes here and throughout) in cell B2 and enter "2" in cell B3. Click and drag your mouse across cells B2 and B3 and then double-click the fill handle, which appears as a small square at the bottom right of the selection. Doing so continues to increment the number down the column to the last cell with adjacent data.

Step 4

Enter "=Abs(C2-C3)" in cell A3, select the cell and double-click the fill handle to copy the formula down the column. Excel stops copying the formula when it reaches the last cell with adjacent data.

Step 5

Enter "=Average(C:C)-2.66*Average(A:A)" in cell D2 and copy the formula down the column to create the lower limit.

Step 6

Enter "=Average(C:C)+2.66*Average(A:A)" in cell E2 and copy the formula down the column to create the upper limit.

Step 7

Enter "=Average(C:C)" in cell F2 and copy the formula down the column. By including this column, you create a target value represented by the data average.

Step 8

Click the "B" column header and drag your mouse to the "F" column header to select all data in columns B to F.

Step 9

Click the "Insert" tab, then the "Scatter" icon in the Charts group and select the first "Scatter" option to create the control chart. However, you'll need to reformat the average and limits.

Step 10

Right-click any data point on the chart and select "Change Series Chart Type." Click the drop-down menu to the right of the Lower series and select the top right "Line" option. Repeat for the "Upper" and "Average" series. Click "OK."



May 4th, 2015

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May 4th, 2015
May 4th, 2015
Mar 29th, 2017
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