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if I'm citing a website with graphs, how can I cite it in a formal paper?

May 5th, 2015

Information sources on the World Wide Web may include scholarly projects, commercial subscription services, e-books, e-journals, articles in print-based periodicals, and professional and personal sites. When citing an information source you've found on the Web include as many citation elements as are relevant and available: 

  1. follow the format used for print sources to the extent that you can,
  2. add the date that you accessed or retrieved the source, and 
  3. include the address or URL of your information source.

The documentation style for both MLA and APA styles follow.

Citing Web Sources—MLA Documentation Style

The standard MLA format is:

  • Author (s)
  • "Title"
  • Website name

(when available) 
(set in quotation marks)* 
(if applicable and underlined) * * When you don't have both a page title and a site name, underline the title.

  • Date
  • Publisher
  • Date of access
  • <URL>
(most recent update when available)
(if applicable) 
(when you located it) 
(set in angle brackets)
Author/s(when known) "Title." (uppercase) Website Name. Date. (of posting or most recent update) Publisher. (or host) Date of access. <URL>.


"MLA Style: How Do I Document Sources form the World Wide Web in My Works Cited List" Modern Language Association. 17 October 2000. Modern Language Association. 9 June 2001. <>

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Writing Center. "Citing Electronic Sources." Writer's Handbook: Documentation-MLA Style. 25 Jan. 2001. University of Wisconsin-Madison. 22 Apr. 2001 <>

May 5th, 2015

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May 5th, 2015
May 5th, 2015
Sep 22nd, 2017
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