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1.  What is literature? 

Explain what you value in literature by focusing on a literary work you have liked.  Identify the title of the work and the author. Describe when, where and why you read this piece. Then describe why you liked it.  Clearly show which elements of the literary work are important to you, or in other words, are of value to you.

Don't worry about whether you are defining literature correctly. The aim of this response is for you to begin reviewing the values you hold as you read a work you regard as literary.

2.  What are ethics?

What does "ethics" mean to you? How would you define this term? Give a least one example of an ethical question you've thought about.

I need to write a journal for each question. Each journal suppose to have at least 125 words. It is due this coming Friday (tomorrow). Who can help me to write 2 journals, please?

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