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  1. Each CLC team member will provide the team's directions to an available subject.
  2. Each team member will observe the behavior during the task, the questions asked by the subject, and the reactions to complication of the task.

Discuss the results with team members. Include the following in the discussion:

  1. Behavior of subject during the task.
  2. What visual and/or auditory cues were given to help the subject complete the tasks?
  3. What were the strengths and weaknesses of the set of directions that were given to the subject?
  4. How did the subject's attention to directions and the clarity of the directions affect the completion of the task?
  5. How would you change the assignment and/or directions to accommodate the student?


Give a child/kid/adult a pile of 15 towels to fold.

They will be blindfolded

Give them the instructions of what to do one at a time. (don't tell them what to do all upfront but rather as they go)

Have them arrange them in 5 piles of 3

Have them arrange the 5 piles in a circle shape on the floor.

Observe the difficulties and see if their shape have made a circle /oval/or other shape.

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