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English 100 Essay #5 Prompt: I-Search Essay Assignment Yonsula For this essay assignment, you will choose a topic that has immediate relevance to your life topic about which you have a genuine need or a real desire to know more. You will write a personal research paper, called an I-Search paper. To write an I-Search paper, you pick a subject to which you have a personal connection, and write about it from a personal point of view Your paper will consist of three major parts: Part I: The story of your search This section tells readers what you knew about your subject Slog before you began your research, what you wanted to know, and the research steps you went through to find out what you wanted to know—including both the steps that led to useful information and the steps that turned out to be dead ends on as TUO ON Part II: What you learned in this section, you give readers the results of your search-both the answers you found and the answers you did not find Part III: Your reflections on the search You use this final section to tell readers what the experience has taught you about conducting and documenting a search o nico Select a Topic The topic for an i-Search essay comes from a personal need to know something, Choose a topic that you truly want to investigate. For Example: I always wanted to know how to Yana Yantino I need help with I've always wanted to travel to I've always wanted to buy monty data om For example, a student who had asthma felt he needed to know everything he could about the disease and its possible effects on his life. W ramo bi w Form a Research Question Avoid gathering information that you cannot use in your l-Search paper by focusing as tightly as you can on one key aspect of your topic. To do this, form a research questiona question that asks exactly what you want to find out from your research. Ideally, it should be a question that gives rise to several more detailed questions Example: prisiminim vd bo -What is my topic? My topic is asthma. -Why am I interested in this topic? I have asthma, but I want to live an active, full life, -What do I hope to learn from my research? Basically, I want to learn whether I can keep od my asthma from interfering with my life. If I can, I need to know how. -Research Question: Can I manage my asthma so that I can lead a full, active life? More Detailed Questions: Ibonent wedi Y no solo -What can I do to keep playing sports and doing other physically demanding activities? -Are there certain foods or plants I should avoid? -How do different environmental conditions affect my asthma?obu 1000 on 10 -What are the effects of pets on asthma? Jon bola oy 16VWOH gedoen -What kinds of medications are available for people suffering from asthma? Hon --s there some kind of physical conditioning I could do to lessen the effects of asthma? e sources or Bibliography 4 Direct Quotes in Part I couly from 3 soures w Evaluating Your Sources Is the information up-to-date? Information is generated so quickly that it is usually easy to find current material. If information on your topic is constantly changing, be sure that you are as up- to-date as possible Does the information seem factual? Check the information against your own knowledge and against other sources. If you find an inconsistency between two sources, check a third source to determine which information is accurate, Does the source seem objective and logical? Some sources may be biased, or slanted, toward one point of view. Others may use poor logic. Wood pribor wow to bilo odor Incorporating your Sources into your I-Search Essay: but gore odbine not wit ni bomo od 9 You will be required to find and include six (6) outside sources in your research, which will be included in a Bibliography, with at least four (4) direct quotes from at least three (3) of those outside sources incorporated into your l-search essay. You may also summarize and/or paraphrase from these sources in your essay. sigot stela Also, be sure to use the three steps of direct quotation: 1. Lead-in or Follow-up phrase, 2. Paraphrase quote, & 3. Connect the quote to your point (This is a large portion of your grade!) Organizing Your I-Search Essay of wort wordt of bouw eyewit w globsen Part I: of love Wyway Grab Your Readers' Attention Begin with an attention-getting statement about your topic, and we explain why it was important for you to find out more about it. Tell What You Knew Briefly mention the most important information and ideas you already knew about your topic Tell What You Wanted To Learn and Why Let readers know what you wanted to find out about your topic and the reasons motivating your search. Retrace Your Steps Describe the sources you began with and the ones you found later Discuss mon successes and setbacks and any changes to your original research question het bov State Your Thesis Turn your research question into a statement and add the factors that complete the oy statement For Example: I can manage my asthma so that I can lead a full, active life by following my doctor's instructions on medication, by avoiding pets, by sticking to an exercise program, svi and by minimizing the effects of allergens that can trigger asthma episodes Coloma smrtes al blot VM Solgot y al Part II: Salgetint bolnim w Discuss Your Results and Give Support Devote at least a paragraph to each important research result Support your findings with direct quotations, paraphrases, and summaries of information from your sources nonoloou o Part Ill: Reflect on Your Search Describe what you learned from your research experience. Discuss how your experience and your new knowledge might affect your future. Remind readers of your thesis statement bove bluare ancla abool Hisha Note: For an I-Search paper, adopt a more informal tone than you would in some other types of research papers. However, you should not be so informal that you use slang and nonstandard English Donington Due Dates: Four (4) page Rough Draft Due Six (6) page Final Draft Due ..can cantas more layotolike Turn it int
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