PHP files that receive, process and display data

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You need to create the PHP files that will receive, process, and display the data.

1)  Create two files named “Show_me_post.php” and “Show_me_get.php”. These files should display the data provided by the user as follows:

Hello <name>
You entered the following text: <display the supplied text>

2)  Expand the form to prompt for the user’s age and the current temperature (Celsius). Expand your PHP to receive and store all the values in appropriately named variables and include in your displayed output the user’s age and current temperature.

3)  Add a section to display true or false indicating if the user is of drinking age (the current drinking age is 21) and if the temperature is below freezing:

You are presently old enough to drink: true
Below Freezing: true

Note: If you echo a Boolean variable, the value FALSE displays as a blank string; the value TRUE echoes as a 1. To display a ‘True’ or ‘False’ create an intermediary variable and set it to ‘True’ or ‘False’ using a conditional operator (see page 138).

4)  Determine and display the user’s age in dog years.

5)  Calculate and display the temperature in Fahrenheit (to determine the temperature in Fahrenheit take nine-fifths of the degrees in Celsius then add 32)

6)  Tip, Tax, and Total: Design your own HTML form and corresponding PHP page to calculate the total amount of a meal purchased as a restaurant. The form should simply ask the user to enter the charge for the meal, pass the value to your PHP using either GET or POST , and then calculate the amount of a 15 percent tip and a 7 percent sales tax. The PHP should display the cost of the meal, the tip, the sales tax, and the total.

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