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this report is about Bahwan Engineering Company that is located in Oman, answer all questions and write a report about your findings.
1. Write an introduction in which you will briefly highlight the portfolio of the chosen SME
2. Do a SWOT’s analysis for the same company in Oman.
3. Based on the results of your analysis in question number 2, suggest an explained action plan to overcome weaknesses (W) and threats (T) of the company.
4. Do a PESTEL analysis for the same company and answer the below:-
i. What are the SME economic factors?
ii. What are the culture factors?
iii. What technological innovations that the SME is using?

5. Write a conclusion in which you will make sure to incorporate your findings

The total word count is approximately 1000- maximum 1500 words.

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Report about Bahwan Engineering Company
Bahwan Engineering company is Part of the Suhail Bahwan Group Started in 1977 and is
the leading businesses enterprises. it’s through the core values that have enabled the group to
execute the many projects to the exacting standards. Bahwan Engineering Company (BEG), is a
private regarding ownership. The company offers the engineering construction and even the
trading services both in the United Arab Emirates as well as Oman. It also provides the civil
construction facilities for bank buildings as well as multi-stored office, industrial construction,
and infrastructure. There is also a provision of the mechanical, electrical, instrumentation works
associated with the oil, industrial projects, and even the plumbing services.
SWOT Analysis
The SWOT is a type of analysis which is a structured planning method and comprises of
the strengths, weaknesses, Opportunities and the threats. It helps identify the key factors which
affect the success of the also measures the risk for the engineering firm.

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They are well loyal to their customers. This enhances the customer relationship.

The company spends their money on purchasing the new and modern equipment since they

have a manufacturing plant.

They have professional engineers to run the operation and even lectures the new employees

Their competitive advantage is that Bahwan company offers the services of sound quality as

well as at low prices.

Foremost in the business Houses.

They have strong financial performances


They are affected by employees issues such poor time management,

The ethnicity challenge since the company employees’ different individuals from different


There is limited market since they are many companies


There is need for new buildings since the company is expanding

Come up with the Junior opportunity so they can stay longer with the company

The upcoming or the emerging technology.


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Unfulfilled customer need


The falling prices of oil

The higher interest rates

Liberalized domestic markets

A lot of competitors

How to overcome weaknesses and Threats?
Since the company weaknesses are the internal factors or the limitations they are then therefore
within the Organizations Control and can hence be eliminated fox example the issue to deal with
the employees can be overcome by training the employees on the time management
These are factors beyond the control of the organization and therefore can be overcome this
through management being able much aware of the competitor's way of doing things. Such that
in case of competitors, the company management should efficiently know why his company is
not performing like their competitor and also by how much have they outdo them.

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PESTEL Analysis
The word PESTEL stands for Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental or
Ecological and Legal. This kind of analysis tends to determine the opportunities as well as the
risk of a global growth on the Bahwan Company. It also provides a stronger outline that can be
used by either global or multinational company to set to come up with the specific strategy to
ease the risk associated in carrying out their vision and mission statement in new surroundings.
The issue of public spending on infrastructure is expected to decrease in Oman since the part of
the expense will be given to the local feature because of the increasing concerns regarding
sustainability. Political issues might lead to increased service price volatility especially on the
mining which enhances investment on a rail for services transportation.
Economic factors
In case of the financial crisis there results of the slow market in the Bahw...

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