I need to write an essay for an art history class

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I need to write an essay about an artist & his body works. Need to discuss formal means of their works and include some resources to pack it up. I included the assignment description and I can explain it more if you need any further information.

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FINAL ASSIGNMENT Write an essay on a living contemporary artist of your choice. Choose an artist whose work you relate to and who has not been covered in depth in the class. The artist may not have been the subject of a group presentation in class. Jeff Koons and Theaster Gates are also excluded. The essay should take an in depth look at an aspect of the artist's practice. You may look at: a set of works that have a strong thematic and/or formal relationship; works that show the development of a specific idea or way of working for the artist; or work from a definite period in the artist's practice. The body of artwork you delve into should be related to one or more of the concepts covered in class and placed in its historic context and in relation to the artist's other work. The essay will require library, gallery, and internet research. The essay will have a clearly stated thesis in the first paragraph. The thesis statement should summarize what your essay sets out to do. The first and/or second paragraph should give pertinent information about the artist: state which body of work you will be writing about and which concepts you will be relating the work too. This can include a brief description of the range of work, its form, subject matter and/or thematic links. The main part of the essay will be a reading of the chosen body of work. This should include descriptions and commentary on some of the pieces. The formal, thematic and/or conceptual links between the work should be explored, noting points of similarity or difference with reference to specific pieces. The essay should chart the artist's engagement, exploration and/or evolution with regards to the body of work. The final section will locate the body of work in its art historical context and/or in relation to the artist's other work. Much of the final section will consist of a critical evaluation of the body of work that develops out of your earlier comments. This is a reasoned judgement of the body of work (not mere opinion) and should include reference to the key concepts you are exploring. The conclusion should summarize your ideas, stating what you have demonstrated in your essay.
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Hello, I am done with the paper, Please review the answer and tell me whether it is okay

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Martha Rosler Artistic Work
The preferred artist this paper is going to look at goes by the name Martha Rosler.
Without looking much into the medium or message delivered by Martha, the main contribution
of her work lied on her ability to present imagery that provides a distinction between reality and
façade, discomfort and comfort and the best way to either keep the eyes shut or wide open. She
during the 1970s become the first artist who explored and imposed and exposed some of the
injustices the women face. Being one of the members of Pop art moment, she presented the way
media intentionally targets and seduces people and make them be more of consumerist in nature.
She at the moment taking part in focusing on the still inbred attitude and aptitude that is meant to
replace the dire world realities such as war with fluffy faux fact meant for the distraction like the
reality television and many other advertisements drove personal entertainment. Her artistic work
is intended to expose the dark side of the society. She goes ahead to illustrate on the
constructions that are built with the intention of appeasing the souls that are related to the
envelope folding around it. She is trying to be honest when trying to represent what each in the
society represents.
The main ideas that dominate Martha's artistic work revolve around the political issues.
Some of the problems that can be directly identified fr...

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