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Purpose of Individual Assignment

Students start to think about how change may impact an organization, how leadership is effective or ineffective in communicating, and to hear from other students about types of changes experienced or researched. Organizations are impacted by change both internally and externally.

Assignment Steps

Choose an organization at which you have worked or with which you are familiar.

Examine the type of change experienced (current or past employer or a company that your facilitator approves). This is an organization you will be using throughout the entire class.

Reflect on how the leadership introduced/announced the change and the reason for the change.

Write a paper that illustrates your analysis of the change using 1000 words that cover the following topics:

  • Identify the type of change
  • Explain how the change was communicated
  • Identify which leaders were involved in the communication
  • Identify the change model (if possible)

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines which includes references from the UOPX ONLINE LIBRARY

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Functions of Management
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Changes in an organization during a recession require full disclosure to investors and
shareholders from managers. In a stable economy, managers might not give all details
concerning every change that takes place in the organization. However, recessions make the
investors and shareholders nervous. If a changes take place within the organization, managers
must disclose fully the details concerning the change that has occurred and how it affects the
organization. For instance, if the organization has plans of firing its chief executive officer,
managers must tell the investors (Cummings & Worley, 2013).
The CEO of Amazon announced the changes that were going to be effected in the supply
chain management. The company is well known as a trendsetter and an innovator that is getting
admired by many small and young companies in the US. The company is well known for its
unique modes of marketing, and now it wants to introduce new changes in its supply chain
management. For companies that are trying to come up with this kind of business that is related
or close to the one of Amazon, they need to copy what Amazon is doing; the company is doing
great business. In less than twen...

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