Evaluate Instructional Leadership Performance

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For this assignment, you are assigned to supervise a student in training to become a principal. During your planning period, you decide to leave the principal trainee in charge. When you return, you find that these issues have occurred:

  1. A student came to the office because the teacher sent her out of the room for being disruptive.
  2. An irate parent called to complain about the excessive amount of homework assigned to her child the night before.
  3. The fire inspector showed up and asked about the location of the school’s safety manual.

The principal trainee was in tears because she did not know what to do in each situation. After you calm her down, you realize you need to share some leadership skills with her to help her feel more confident as a leader. Now, write an essay that details your response and actions with the trainee.

Length: 7 pages not including title and reference pages.

Please include citations ,and APA Style
References: A minimum of five scholarly resource

Please label the title page

Lackey IL-7001

Week 3

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