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Need to research a specific topic in the context of global IT management and write a 10-12 page paper. The paper should be well written, formatted according to guidelines for APA Style, and supported by at least six references. At least three of these additional references should be from scholarly journals. Select a topic from the following list and study how it can be managed or developed in a global context:

·  Knowledge management

·  Business Intelligence

·  Supply chain management

·  Enterprise resource planning

·  Customer relationship management

For instance, if you choose knowledge management as your topic, you can identify the challenges of knowledge management in a global environment, describe the impact of global information infrastructures, illustrate the problems in developing global knowledge management systems, discuss the trans-border data flows restrictions on knowledge management, interpret the current status of outsourcing knowledge management products and services, investigate the issues of managing knowledge in virtual teams with different cultural perspectives, and develop strategies for knowledge management in a global enterprise.

Apply tools and techniques that are appropriate from various sources including all the readings and external references. A typical final project report will include the following:

·  Description of topic

·  Project objective

·  Structuring your analysis to discuss how you recommend addressing the problems

·  Conclusion (summary, special problems faced and solved, lessons learned, contribution, etc.)

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