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See the movie The Monuments Men, and finish the notes. It is not difficult, please work hard.

The Monuments Men 1 Name of the main characters and their day jobs: 1-Frank Stokes – (Actor: George Clooney) – Harvard art conservationist 2-James Granger – (Actor: Matt Damon) - Curator of Medieval Art at the Metropolitan MoA 3-Walter Garfield – (Actor: John Goodman) – Sculptor 4-Richard Campbell – (Actor: Bill Murray) - Architect 5-Jean Claude Clermont – (Actor: Jean Dujardin) - Director of Design Fine Arts 6-Preston Savitz – (Actor: Bob Balaban) – ballet director 7- Donald Jefferies – (Actor: Huge Bonneville) –British art historian 8-Private Sam Epstein - (Actor: Dimitri Leonidas)– Newark, N.J. – translator – born in Germany 9-Claire Simone – (Actor: Cate Blanchett) – French art expert at Jeu de Paume Stokes (George Clooney) speaking to the President 1. President Franklin D. signed the Monuments Men into being. Stokes (George Clooney) Recruiting Guys for the Monuments Men (MM) 2. The task of the Monuments Men was to find and protect ,& . 3. Hitler coveted art because he was a . , art student in 4. Hitler was stealing Europe’s art to create his own Fuhrer in his home country of museum called The . 5. The Germans did not bomb Paris because they were art. their Guys arrive in Normandy, France 6. Stokes (George Clooney) told the guys to be careful because their were more important than a piece of . 7. In the movie, the date the Monuments Men went into action 8. When Stokes (George Clooney) and Garfield (John Goodman) arrived in Normandy soldiers were unloading used as grave markers. 9. Troops would not agree to take the MM into war zones. One Colonial says, “If you think I’m gonna write a letter home to some kid’s mom saying her boy’s dead The Monuments Men because somebody doesn’t want us to take out a will not!” 2 , no sir, I Claire (Cate Blanchett) & Stahl at her place 10. French museum secretary, Claire, was told that her brother Peter had been and killed trying to steal a truck filled with going to Germany. 11. Stahl threatened Claire if she was found to be helping the resistance, she would not be fired, she would be handed over to the . Stokes (George Clooney) in Normandy getting supplies 12. Major John Fielding shows Stokes paintings by Monet and Vermeer. Major John Fielding said they found 12 crates, Stokes asked, “12 paintings?” – Major John Fielding said, “12 . Sometimes 30 inside.” Deauville, France 13. The Frenchman asked James Granger (Matt Damon) where he learned to speak French because it was not very good. Granger said he studied in for a while. Paris, France – Museum 14. When Claire returned to the Jeu de Paume museum, all of the paintings had been . St. Lo, France 15. Names of towns/countries where Stokes sends each of the teams: a. Preston/Campbell – , Belguim b. Garfield/Jean Claude – , Germany c. Jefferies Stokes’s speech over the radio talking about saving culture 16. This mission was never designed to . With this many people dying, who cares about art. We’re fighting for our culture, our way of life. You can wipe out a generation of people. You can burn their homes to the ground, but somehow they’ll come back. But, if you destroy their , and their history, it’s like they never existed. It’s just . , floating. The Monuments Men 3 17. Jean Claude made a toast and said a phrase incorrectly while he was speaking to the guys. ”My country thanks you and I thank you. Screw the German’s! Present company ” James Granger (Matt Damon) in France 18. Frenchman and James Granger (Matt Damon) take an to Paris. to get 19. French curator - Rene’ - By decree, private and Jewish art collections in France were , but the National collection was . James visits Claire in jail 20. Claire was imprisoned by the French because they thought she was collaborating with the to steal the art. Preston & Campbell visiting Ghent 21. The Ghent altarpiece was sent to All the priests were , but it was stolen en route. . 22. Campbell read info about the Ghent Altarpiece – “It is one of the most pieces of art” Stokes & Sam night conversation 23. Sam’s grandfather had seen Rembrandt’s SP, but Sam never saw it. His grandfather said it was because he was too . Preston & Campbell in Ghent (at night) 24. German soldier held Preston & Campbell at gunpoint. They all sat down & took a smoke. The German soldier finally said, “ ”. Jean Claude Clairmont (Jean Dujardin) & Garfield (John Goodman) 25. They got caught in a shoot out. Clermont found a young building shooting at them. Jefferies – trying to get guards to take him to Cathedral in Bruges 26. Artist of Madonna and Child – in the The Monuments Men 4 Jefferies at the Bruges Cathedral 27. -When one of the priests asked Jefferies if he was a Catholic, he said, “I am .” 28. -The Germans got into the cathedral by pretending one of them is . 29. -Jefferies wrote a letter to his dad while trying to save the Madonna and Child sculpture. One of his comments was, “I remain diligent and resolute in my belief that great works of art can never belong to any , at least not in .” 30. -Jefferies was the first Monuments Men to Granger (Matt Damon) & Claire (Cate Blanchett) walking through a warehouse full of art, china, etc. 31. James, “What is all this?” Claire, “People’s lives.” James, “What people?” Claire, “ ” December 1944 – Battle of the Bulge – Campbell & Preston 32. Campbell received a Christmas recording from his grandchildren. They sang the Christmas song, . and Granger talking to Stokes on the radio 33. Claire was afraid the US would keep the art once they recovered it like the . The French commissioned the Brigade to collect and keep all of the stolen art. Granger talking to Claire 34. Hitler wrote a directive called The fell, they were to Decree. If he died or Germany everything. Remagen, Germany (Stokes talking to the MM in a tent) 35. Stokes told the guys about The Nero Decree. The Germans were to destroy all , train , archives, and . The Monuments Men 5 Campbell & Preston at the Dentist’s nephew’s house 36. The German dentist who repaired Campbell’s tooth had a nephew, Stahl, who helped with the collection of artworks in Paris, France. He was hiding artworks in his . . 37. Preston asked Stahl if he had ever heard of the collector, whose name was on the back of the Cezanne painting. He was a famous art collector. , Jean Claude & Garfield on the road to Merker’s 38. Jean Claude was looking at a when he was shot. and smoking a 39. Stokes said, “From the beginning, I told you that no piece of art was worth a man’s life, but these last months have proved me . This is our history and it is not to be stolen or destroyed. It’s to be held up and , as are these brave men. And now we owe it to them to finish the job.” 40. From the map of German towns, Sam told the MM the symbols at each town meant what type of mine was there– , potassium, & mines. 41. In Stokes’ letter to Granger, he told him they found of stolen art in the Siegan cooper mine. pieces Granger with Claire in Paris before he leaves 42. With most of the pieces, the soldiers took Hitler filled with the stolen artwork. of the art and sent 43. With the modern masters, like Picasso, Klee, Max Ernst. The Germans would them in the yard. 44. Claire kept a of every piece of art that passed through the Jeu de Paume museum. She wrote who it belonged to, who took it, and where they took it. 45. Most of the art was taken to Neuschwanstein in the Bavarian Alps The Monuments Men 6 April 1945 - Merkers, Germany 46. In the salt mine, Sam found over 100 tons of bars in a storage area of the mine. The U.S. took credit for the discovery. Heilbronn Mine – Germany 47. Soldiers the entire collection of stolen art. 48. Preston found a frame with the name Pablo on it. 49. The barrels of small, gold pieces Sam and Granger found were fillings from . Neuschwanstein Castle 50. The sculpture the MM found as they entered the castle was created by Auguste . We have a replica of a Rodin sculpture on campus – The Thinker Salt Mine at Altaussee 51. On their way to the salt mine, the guys found out Germany and the war was over. 52. The MM had to move quickly to get to the art in the mine because the were on their way. 53. Campbell and Preston found the missing panel of the Ghent Altarpiece being used as a . 54. Stokes found Michelangelo’s Madonna and Child sculpture in a 55. President were worth losing two men. asked Stokes if he thought the MM’s efforts 56. Interesting statistics: 57. 5,000 Church bells 300 Trolley cars 1000s of Toras a. million pieces in all were recovered 3 million books . The Monuments Men 7 58. Other interesting numbers: a. 20% of Europe’s art was stolen by the Nazis during WWII. b. 345 men and women in the allied task force known as the Monuments Men c.21,000 works of art were stolen from France d. $1.35 Billion - the value of the largest recovered cache of stolen art e. 50% of the stolen works have not been returned to their rightful owners f. Swastika – 5,000 year old symbol meaning good fortune or well-being – after an archeologist found a swastika at the site of ancient Troy, he connected it to similar shapes found in Germany – hence the “Aryan identity” connection – Hitler then use it for Nazi propaganda during WWII

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