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Final Project Instructions

You are required to do a term paper on an environmental problem of your choosing. This assignment is worth 20% of your grade.

It should be creative and interesting, and should be a minimum of 6 pages in length not to exceed 8 pages and you will use APA style formatting. It should be well-organized and demonstrate an orderly flow of information that clearly addresses the subject chosen.

You should incorporate the following elements in the project:

  1. Problem identification: Clearly indicate the issue you will discuss and the influence this problem has on land, air, water resources, plant life, animal life, and human societies. Discuss the long-term effects this problem will continue to create without a comprehensive solution. The problem can be of local, national, or global scope.
  2. Solutions currently implemented: Discuss how the issue has been addressed historically. Determine the courses of action taken in science, technology, political and economic systems, laws and regulations, community-based initiatives, education, and so forth. Review the successes and limitations of these actions.
  3. Recommendations: Explain the actions that you believe need to be developed and implemented to accomplish change. Discuss your solution from multiple perspectives, such as educational, legislative, scientific, technological, economic, and other points of view.

In addition you should cite at least three other credible sources. Put these on your last page as works cited. You are cautioned to check out internet sources. The web abounds with junk science that is totally unreliable. Be sure to cross check your sources.

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Global Warming: Changing our world with recommendations and solutions for our future Heading 1 To replace the placeholder text on this page, you can just select it all and then start typing. But don’t do that just yet! First check out a few tips to help you quickly format your report. You might be amazed at how easy it is. − Need a heading? On the Home tab, in the Styles gallery, just click the heading style you want. − Notice other styles in that gallery as well, such as for a quote, a numbered list, or a bulleted list like this one. − For best results when selecting text to copy or edit, don’t include space to the left or right of the characters in your selection. HEADING 2 You might like the photo on the cover page as much as we do, but if it’s not ideal for your report, it’s easy to replace it with your own. Just delete the placeholder picture. Then, on the Insert tab, click Picture to select one from your files. PAGE 1 ...
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Final Answer



Environmental Problem – Global Warming




Problem identification

Environmental issues within global context have been significantly developed to create a
difficult environment under which it is possible to have a positive understanding under which
better mechanism can be developed to create a well-engaged environment. Global warming is a
serious environmental concern in recent years especially due to the significant emission of
greenhouse gases that are detrimental to the positive environmental focus. Fossil fuel utilization
has been a major cause of increasing global warming within global focus. This paper provides a
detailed focus on global warming through a focus on its impact on the ecosystem, solution to the
issue and recommendation on the best step going forward.
Global warming is the increase in the earth’s average temperature due to greenhouse
gases effect. These gases include carbon dioxide, methane, and Nitrous oxide. Other factors
include deforestation or burning fossil fuels. This paper discusses various causes of global
warming due to pollution caused by human and other factors, the impact of global warming, and
how the planet can be rescued from further effects of global warming. The concentration of
carbon dioxide available in the atmosphere presently is much higher than at any particular point
in the past 800,000 years. The United States presumably emit approximately six billion tons of
carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year, and of these, forty percent comes from the power
plant emissions only. These greater emissions into the atmosphere result in various effects
(Dhillon & von Wuehlisch, 2013).
Fossil fuel as a source of energy has been in existence for a very long period, which has
greatly contributed to the changed environment that we are living in. Thus it is important for the



public to know the exact reasons why it is very important to adopt other sources of energy for a
better future. The burning of fossil fuels has a direct effect on the environment. The smoke and
gas emitted to the atmosphere contaminate natural air making it very dangerous for living things.
Very many human health problems originate from inhaling this contaminated air. Over the last
150 years, burning of fossil fuels has resulted in an increase of 25 percent to the already existi...

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