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only thing you need to do is fix out my one act play grammar and make play more interesting and attct auidence eye. right now, my play looks little bit boring. i want you can change it more contact with every scene. make play more better

Never Give Up THDA 641W 12/10/2017 PART ONE This play was inspired by my father’s experiences in high school in China in the early 80’s. This play reflects on the bullying which happened to the new students when they joined high school. This resulted in lack of concentration on academic work which led to a poor performance for the school. After the school principal tamed the bullies the situation went back to normalcy and all the students co-existed in unity. Therefore, the overall purpose that the play brings out is that even though bullying is common and inevitable at school, remember to be strong, confident, independent, and to never give up. Characters. Mr. Joseph: The school principal. Dish: A student from south of China. His father was a chef on his high school. Mike: A student from north of China. He is a friend to Dish. John: A student from Shanghai. He bullies the other 3 new students. Kevin: A student from Shanghai and he is John’s classmate. SCENE 1 [The first day of school and all the new students are being enrolled in Shanghai high school] Dish: The queue seems like it's not moving, I think we should go buy some snacks before our turn reaches. Mike: Yeah sure, but how will we convince the others that we were in the queue when we come back? Dish: [He signals the guy ahead of him and they both leave the queue heading towards the school gate]. Come-on! Let’s rush. Mike: But we don’t know of any places here, shouldn’t we ask the watchman at the gate to direct us to a nearby kiosk. Dish: Don’t worries, it's just a matter of tracing a near-by shop and going to buy there. I have all along waited to join high school it will be so exciting for us to be away from the Jiangsu, Dongbei, where a such a small village. Mike: Yeah it will be, but my brother told me we should always notify the teachers on duty or the principal of anything fishy that we come across. I feel tense in this new environment; all the students look alike. [They both buy some snacks and the hurriedly heading back towards the school and joins the queue]. Dish: We are lucky only one person is ahead of us, please pass me my black bag next to you. I want to pick my admission form. [Mike gives Dish the bag and a loud sharp voice from the administration office shout, "Next student.!'' And Dish walks in. After a couple of minutes, both Dish and Mike have cleared with the admission officer and they are both directed to the dormitory assigned to them by the head-boy.] SCENE 2: [It is around 5.00pm and its noisy in the dormitories area and everyone seems excited. All the students are walking in and out and some are talking and laughing in small groups while the others are unpacking and arranging their new bedding's and boxes]. DISH: A lower deck bed is prone to dirt, let us occupy these two upper deck beds before they are occupied when more students join us tomorrow. John: [Frowns as he approaches dorm 2 cubicles 7 which Dish and Mike were allocated] What are your names and where do you come from? DISH: I am Dish and this is my friend Mike, I am from the Jiangsu and he from Dongbei. we have joined the school today. [smiling]. John: [Shouting at both of them] I am the king here and I don’t entertain a mono smiling at me, do you understand? Dish & Mike: Yes [The respond in a low cowardice voice avoiding Jahir’s eye contact. The bell rings and Jahir leaves]. Mike: Why is he so inhuman to us? We've done nothing wrong to him to deserve this. Dish: I am so scared, he looked like he wanted to hit me, I think we should report this the teacher on duty. [All the students are walking out of their respective dormitories heading to the dining hall with their plastic plates and cups which have markings scribbled on them]. Dish: Have you seen my cup, I can't find it in my box. Mike: Let's just go, we will share mine, I saw the guy picking it from your box but I was afraid of questioning him. [Mike and Dish walk together towards the dining hall; the queue is growing fast as more students join in]. John: [Standing adjacent to the queue behind the gardener's store, He is looking for someone in the queue. Spots Mike and Dish and walks towards them] Take this plate [directing to no one between the two] and bring me a plate of ‘gather’ at dorm 4, at the corner cubicle. Okay! Mike: [Nods, as he takes the plate and John, walks away] Yeah. [After a few minutes]. Mr. Joseph: Hey, young man! Come here. [Plade walks towards MR Joseph hiding the plate on his back] Mr. Joseph: Why are you going out with your food? Mike: [stammering] I. Am sorry sir, I have been told by a tall dark guy to serve him his supper at dorm 4 in the corner cubicle. He gave me his plate when I was in the queue and ordered me to do so. Mr. Joseph: Do you know it’s against the school rules and regulations to take your food to the dormitories? Mike: Yes sir. Mr. Joseph: What is your name and who is the guy you are talking about? Mike: I am Mike, and I am freshman. I don’t know his name. Mr. Joseph: Take your plate and let's go to dorm 4. [Mr. Joseph and Mike walk towards the dormitory, Mike is a few steps behind Mr. Joseph]. Mr. Joseph: All of you come here and kneel! [He shouts as he walks in past the dorm 4 doors accompanied by Mike. All the six students kneel before Mr. Joseph]. Mr. Joseph: Guys what’s wrong with you, what are you doing here when you are supposed to be in the dining hall.? You think you have got yourselves a slave to bring you food here? [no response from any of the six, they are all facing down avoiding a direct eye contact with the principal] Look up.! You culprits. Mike, come close and show me the person who ordered you to bring him food here. [Mike looks at the six students kneeling before him and clearly identifies John. John is looking at Mike with ‘the dare point me’ look. The school principal is losing his patience]. Mr. Joseph: Don't be an afraid young man, who is the person who ordered you bring him food here? He must face the repercussion of his deeds. SCENE 3: [ Dish has finished taking his supper and he is walking the dormitory after cleaning his plates at the outdoor sink area.] Kevin: You form one, come here. [Dish is shaking and continues to walk slowly pretending not to be the one being addressed]. Kevin: [Reaches out to Dish and Pushed him to the side drain on the walkway] You can dare ignore me? Who do you think you are? Dish: [Lifting himself with a bit of difficulty and his eyes becoming watery with] I didn’t realize that you were talking to me since…. Kevin: Shut up you bastard! You think that since you are chief’s son you are very special. Follow me, today I will show you that you are no special than others. Dish: I am sorry I did mean to offend you. Kevin: Fine, [Holding Dish’s hand and shaking his head] I hope you will manage to cope with the big boys here. I want you to do my laundry and bring me when dry and well folded, Okay! Dish: Yes, but…… Kevin: But what...! I don’t want excuses for class. [They walk slowly to dorm 6 cubicles 12 and Kevin hands a bunch of dirty clothes to Dish] Kevin: I want them by tomorrow evening before supper time. [He tears a piece of paper from a bunch of old newspaper in his locker and hands it to Dish.] Write down your admission number, full names, and your residence dormitory, just in case you decide to go rogue. Dish: [Scribbles his details on the piece of paper and gives it back to Kevin]. Where should I hang them at night since I am afraid they might be stolen? Kevin: [Speaking in a low voice] That’s part of your duty, all I want is dry, clean neatly folded clothes. If you will decide to spend the better part of the night guarding them on the hanging line or enjoy your sleep, it’s all upon you to decide. Dish: [looking confused] And where will I keep them when I don’t find you here tomorrow evening? Kevin: You must remain with them until you hand it to me in person. Otherwise, if you misplace a single item in the bunch you will pay dearly. Get out of my sight I need to take a nap. [Dish walks out with the bunch of clothes stacked in between his arms]. SCENE 4. [Mike is sitting at his bed weeping, Dish walks in and meets Mike]. Dish: I have been looking for you. Why didn't you come back after you went out when we were in the dining hall? Mike: [Looking at Dish, His face looking bruised as if he had been beaten up] Bro, I think it is getting out of hand I can't hold it any more… Dish: What...! What happened, did the guy beat you, and why? Mike: After leaving with the plate of food, I headed to dorm 4 to take food to the guy who gave me his plate when we were in the queue, his name is John. I heard Mr. Joseph call him…. Immediately I was out of the dining hall Mr. Joseph called me, he was standing at the water tank he summoned me on why I was walking out with food. Dish: That’s so unfortunate! What did you tell him? Mike: I found it difficult to lie to him since I was afraid what action he could take against me, so I told him everything and he asked me to go with him to deliver the food to Jahir at dorm 4. When we reached there, there were several guys sitting on their beds chatting, he ordered all of them to kneel down. Then, he asked me to identify the culprit. I showed him the guy who was second from the right side. Then… Dish: [Tears are rolling down on Mike’s cheeks uncontrollably, Dish holds Mike on the shoulder] Sorry, please stop crying all will be well. Mike: Then Mr. Joseph told me to go join the rest of my classmates for our evening preps. As I was walking hurriedly to class, I decided to pass through the school canteen to buy something to eat since I missed out my supper. Dish: Then what happened? Mike: I found John standing at the canteen talking to another guy. I started running away, but he was quick and within no time he held my left hand so tightly and dragged me towards the other guy he was conversing with. They mumbled and turned to me slapped me in the face and kicked me so hard on my belly. Then they walked away laughing. Dish: That’s so inhuman of him. let’s go and report this matter the teacher. Mike: No! No! He threatened to give a better treatment of it if I report him again. Dish: There is another tall guy who has given me his dirty clothes and told me to return them to him when tomorrow evening clean, dry and folded. Give me your bucket I want to soak them before I wash them SCENE 5 [It’s a chilly morning at school, the morning prep bell rings and students start dragging themselves to their respective classes.] Dish: Hey bro, wake up! Mike: Mmmmmh..., [yawning] what time is it. Dish: 6:30am lets hurry to class or else if the teacher of duty gets us here we will be in for a punishment. Mike: My left jaw is aching too much I don’t think I will be attending today’s prep. Dish: [Looking at Mike in shock] You mean it was that severe? Mike: Yeah, it's even swollen. Dish: Let's go and get medication from the matron. [They both walk out heading to the matron’s room. Dish latter leaves and goes for his morning prep while Mike goes back to bed after getting permission from his professor]. [At 7.30am the breakfast bell rings marking the end of morning prep. All the students are walking silently from their respective classes to have their breakfast] Dish: [After seeing his friend Mike still fully covered in his bed] How are you feeling now? Mike: I am feeling better now though my head is still aching. Dish: Raise up carefully so that we can go and have our breakfast. Mike: I should be going home, or better still a transfer from this school Dish: Be strong I am still optimistic that this bullying will come to an end. I have an idea… Mike: what? (upset) Dish: I think we should mobilize all the three form one classes and plan for a private meeting with the discipline master and let him know what we are going through. I know even our colleagues will also find it beneficial. Mike: Do you know that we will still sleep in the same dormitory with these guys, and if this information leaks to them we will be dead before we realize it? Dish: Let's try to talk to our fellow classmates and we see how it fairs on. Mike: Count me out. You are yet to handle Kevin and you want we involve the entire form 3 and form 4 class? Have you given it a thought what may happen if the discipline master doesn't act immediately? Where will we sleep? Dish: Sure, it's a little bit tricky when we look at it from that perspective. [peeping through the window with a broken glass pane] The queue is short, let's go and take our breakfast. [Dish and Mike join the queue and take their tea, then they occupy the seats on the right side of the dining hall]. Mike: Dish please go to the canteen and buy some bread we accompany with this tea. Dish: Okay. [takes the money from Mike and walks to the canteen] John: [walks towards Dish on his way to the canteen] Dish [shouting] Buy me a loaf of bread. Dish: [Innocently stretching out his hand to John for money]. John: [slaps his hand off] hey, you already have the money in your hand buy me a loaf of bread. Dish: half of the money does not belong belongs to my friend. John: buy me the loaf and I will not ask again. Dish [ Buys two loaves of bread and hands one to Jahir almost in tears. Hurriedly he walks back to the hall to his friend with a disappointed look]. Mike: why didn’t you buy two loaves and you had enough money? Dish: John came to me on my way to the canteen and he asked me to buy him some with my money. He didn’t even ask politely and I tried telling him that half the money wasn’t mine. I had to part with my share of the loaf Mike: we really need to do something about this guy’s otherwise it is getting out of hand. [splits his loaf into two halves and gives one portion to Dish] SCENE 6. [ Its 9.30pm and the bell rings to signify the end of prep time. It is raining heavily and the students are unable to leave the classes]. Dish: Mike [ calling out to his friend who is still sleeping in his locker] wake up the prep is over. It's raining though, we must stay in class till the rain stops. Mike: [wakes up from his sleep stretching out his arms] it’s cold can’t wait to be between my blankets. Dish: I haven't got time to wash Kevin’s clothes. What am I going to do? it’s so cold and the clothes are still soaked. Mike: Sorry man but I cannot help you. My body is still sore from the beating, probably Kevin won't even remember. Dish: I hope so, he was so rude and I am fears him. [ the rain stops outside, and the boys run out to their dorms before it starts again. Its 10.00pm]. Dish: [Reaches the dormitory the first one and he is met by his nightmare]. Good evening Kevin. Kevin: Form one, I am not your teacher to be greeted with such pleasantries. I need my clothes right now. Dish: I didn’t get time to wash them. [he is greeted with a slap even before he finishes the sentence. Kevin looks down on the bed and find his clothes soaked into the bucket, wrings them out and places them on top of Dish's bed. This makes the bedding wet]. Kevin: when I say, you do something it should me did immediately. [laughs] now return my clothes to the bucket and tomorrow I want them washed. Dish: [holding his cheek where he had been slapped, picks the clothes with one hand and slowly return them back into the bucket. Tears are already falling rolling down on his cheeks]. Kevin: Climb into your bed. Now! Dish: But its wet. Kevin: I know. Climb now! Dish: [Climbs on his bed and he realizes his friend Mike has been standing by the door all that time. He is looking at him sadly. Kevin walks out and pushes Mike aside while laughing out]. Mike: Are you going to sleep inside that wet bed Dish: [Shivering] I have no choice, remember we are not allowed to share beds. I'll just sleep in the uniform on and try to align myself on the dry portions of my bed. [Mike reaches out for a few dry clothes from his box and hands them to Dish] Mike: Spread these clothes in the wet areas on your bed. Dish [Picking the clothes from Plade] But these are part of your uniform. Mike: [Patting Dish on his shoulder] No worries. They have gone too far now we should report them. Dish: I am not sure anymore that's a good plan. If we do report them they will continue to bully us even more and that cannot be my story for the entire time I will be in this school. Mike: Will this torture come to an end anytime soon because am already tired and I cannot take it anymore [the lights are switched off and silence engulf the dormitory as it is time to sleep] SCENE 7 [The sun is shining brightly, and classes are over. Students are free for two hours before prep time. Behind the dormitories, two boys are standing by the hanging lines astonished and their faces tell the story] Mike: Are you sure you hanged the clothes over here? Dish: Yes, am very sure I hanged them here in the morning. Mike: [ Roam his eyes looking at the other hanging lines] There are no clothes in any of the hanging lines. Dish: Maybe someone removed the clothes for us. Mike: We have no other friends. Let's check in the dormitory [walking towards the dormitory, they hear noises of people laughing out loudly by the corner of the dormitory. Familiar laughs, so they hide out]. Kevin: I watched the form one hanging my clothes on the hanging line in the morning. I waited until lunch hour and removed them from the hanging lines because they were dry. John: [Laughing] They shit on their pants today, that's a good one. What are your plans for them? Kevin: I will demand my clothes from the form one and since he does not have them I will make him my slave for the rest of the year. John: Don’t you think we have punished them enough Kevin: Our experiences were worse during our time, and I think we should make them have a taste of everything. John: [Smiling] Its a crazy idea but am up for it to the end. Kevin: It's going to be a lot of fun [taps his friend on the back, as they walk towards the field]. [Dish and Mike walk back to the direction they came from, and now they understand that it’s just a game and they are going to be played]. SCENE 8 [Its game time and everyone should be in the field and be involved in a sport of his choice. The weather is calm, the sun is shining but not so hot hence, its favorable for sports]. Dish: I am not a lover of sports so am wondering why I must be on the field Mike: I was thinking I will probably choose basketball but my height hinders me from joining. Dish: Do they really let form ones join them on the basketball team? Mike: I guess not. I will play hockey it's my second choice from the rest Dish: Probably that one you will be allowed to because they can kick you around with a hockey stick. [laughs] [John walks up to them from behind with this weird smile printed all over him] John: Hello boys [ tapping them on their backs] I was assigned to you, and I will be helping you in selecting the sport to participate in. First, I should see your capability. Run five times around the track and back. [they sprinted off without arguing avoiding any trouble] John: you are back so fast you guys can be athletes. Now jump like frogs and croak until I say stop. Mike: But, but…… John: No excuses. Start! [They start croaking while jumping like frogs. This makes John laugh out so much at them. Suddenly, Mr. Joseph approaches them, and John signals them to stop]. Mr. Joseph: Is everything all right over here. John: Yes sir, everything is fine am training them since they are interested in being part of the school football team. Dish: Football team?? I don’t play…. John: [Interrupts] they will make good footballers they are fast in running and very talented. Mr. Joseph: Dish and Mike that's very good of you. We need such gifted members in our football team. John is one of the best players on the football team he will be of help to you. Now join the rest as you enroll in the team [Dish and Mike follow them behind as John and Mr. Joseph walk ahead. They are whispering and signaling to each other softly making sure it doesn't reach John attention]. SCENE 9. Mike: Hey Dish, today am so sleepy it’s been a hard day. Dish: Yeah it has been, those exercises were so lame. [imitating John] jump like a frog and croak. [laughs] high school couldn’t be any better Mike: [Climbs into bed] my chest pains today [exhales] Dish: Does it happen often or probably it's because of running in the field today? Mike: I had chest problems a few years back but it been a while. John made me run so much today. It was unexpected. [John walks in their cubical with the mention of his name]. John: What are you two gossiping about me today. Mike: Nothing. John: Nothing [repeats sarcastically] climb out of your bed right now[ barks out] Mike: [Climbs out of bed scared and his whole body betrays them]. [John drags them both out of their cubical by the hand, passes by his room and picks a jacket and takes them to the back of the dormitory. Outside its cold and the wind is blowing hard making the hairs on the body stand still. Outside he is met by Kevin]. John: So today I want you two to entertain of you will sing while the other one dances Dish: [Without hesitation] ‘'God Love me.''[sings a local song] Kevin: Stop you are hurting my ears [shouting] and you [pointing to Mike] why aren't you dancing? Mike: I am not feeling so well John: You look fine to me though. By the count of three you two should sing and dance or you won't like what happens next. 1..2…. [Mike starts singing another local song and Dish has no choice this time around but to dance. They sing for a while without interruption and the only response they are offered is laughter. It's getting late and lights are almost being switched off] Dish: [Stops dancing] we should probably go inside before the lights are off we cannot be found outside here John: You shouldn't have stopped dancing to put across a message we already know. [the singing and dancing continues, Mike is now shivering so badly and one hand is touching his chest]. Kevin: Lets go boys the entertainment has ended [Mike leads the way back to the dormitory, suddenly, he stops, starts coughing like he wants to catch a breath. He holds his chest then starts inhaling deep breaths. He goes to his knees John reaches up to him]. Mike: I can’t breathe. John: What are you talking about, form one arise and walk to your …. [John stops talking when he hears a whistling sound coming out of Mike's mouth. The rest Dish and Kevin, have reached them and are watching them mouths agape. Mr. Joseph enters the dorm to inspect that everyone is asleep after lights off]. SCENE 10. [At 7.30, Dish is sitting in his class deep in thoughts the sit next to him is empty and clear, his friend is missing. The door opens then closes and Plade walks in]. Dish: Wow, am glad you are fine. I was worried about you [ Dish speaks out as Mike walks his seat]. Mike: I am fine. Dish: What happened to you last night. Mike: I had an asthma attack. Dish: Asthma?? Mike: Yes, I have asthma. The attack was triggered by long-standing cold last night and at the clinic, I was offered first aid by the nurse and slept overnight for observation. Dish: I was shocked because I have never seen you in that position before Mike: [Exhales] the episodes are rare so I stopped carrying my inhaler around. The stress has been too much guessing my body had it as a way of responding; enough is enough. Dish: We had really panicked and had no idea of how to help you. Glad Mr… [ the conversation is interrupted as Mr. Joseph enters, following behind him are Kevin and John]. Mr. Joseph: Yesterday I was lucky to have walked in on all of you, as I saved Mike’s life. Now am wondering how many of such instances have happened with my absence. So, Dish please, can you enlighten me what has been going on Dish: [Narrates the story to the principal]. John and Kevin have been mistreating us since day one of arrival in this school. They make us wash their clothes, buy them loaves of bread with our own money, sing lullabies to them until they sleep, entertain them and once in a while they beat us for no reason. [Mr. Joseph stares John and Kevin with this disapproving look. Kevin and John are shaken up and their bow their heads in shame]. Mr. Joseph: I am so disappointed in all of you [staring into all of them]. Firstly, Kevin and John, this was a vicious and detestable behavior from the both of you. Setting bad examples to these juniors on how there should treat their schoolmates. This behavior is unacceptable and will be punishable. [exhales] secondly, Dish and Mike, something wrong or worse could have occurred last night. I asked you that you were free to report any misconduct from the seniors and you should not fear your fellow schoolmates. Today it’s a lesson to all of you, it’s good to uphold good conduct always. [they are shaking their heads in agreement with Mr. Joseph] Mike: Thank you, sir, for saving my life yesterday, I will never stay silent ever again. Dish: Yes sir, I agree. Mr. Joseph: [Looking at both John and Kevin] what do you have to say for yourself? John: I am so sorry Mike for yesterday occurrences. I never meant for any of that to go that far. Really sorry. [ says his apology softly calm and in a sincere way]. Kevin: We were mistreated far worse and nobody intervened for us. It was just a transition phase and at the end of it all, you would have passed once you graduated to the next level. Both of you experienced the transition phase and…. Mr. Joseph: Kevin! Kevin: [Unapologetic] I am sorry though my hands are on the two of you. Mr. Joseph: John and Kevin both of you are suspended. It should be an example to everyone that mistreating your brothers is unacceptable, we should all embrace one another. [The bell rings and it’s time to go to assembly] Mr. Joseph: John and Kevin I want both of you to see me at my office immediately after the assembly. [All the students are walking out of their respective classes towards the assembly ground. The teachers are also coming from the staff-room and joining on the assembly platform. The teacher on duty addresses the student for a few minutes and signals Mr. Joseph]. Mr. Joseph: Good Morning students, [clearing his throat] as you have been told by the teacher on duty more need to be done on the overall hygiene in our school compound. I don't need to stress any further on that. I want to give a stern warning to all the students out there who think that form one students joined the school as slaves. Kevin and John come here. [he shouts]. These two over the past couple of months have been bullying form one students instead of concentrating on their studies which is their core business. I want them to be a lesson to the others, initially, I had considered to suspend them but I have decided to have them expelled from this. Any other student who will be found culpable of bullying the other, even if it’s a form one student bullying a form one [all the students start laughing loudly on Mr. Joseph’s remarks] I believe the same things will happen to them. The assembly is over. Dish: At the end of all misdeeds, justice must prevail. Mike: I am so proud of you; this victory is not for us alone but for the entire school. [Dish and Mike walk out shoulder by shoulder smiling that the incident marks the end of their suffering in high school. A bright future ahead] ….………………………………. END…………………………………….

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